Katie Bulera

Katie Bulera

90 Years Ago

Nov. 21, 1930

Remodeled Café

Ira Pundy this week started remodeling his café. On the west side he is to have six large booths. The counters and tables are to be re-arranged and he is to install a new modern soda fountain. Baldwin has long needed a first class, well kept up soda fountain and “Ike” assured the Bulletin that he is going to have just such a place.

Don’t Leave the Dynamite Out

Nasonville, WI. - Four valuable heifers are dead on the farm of Mrs. Mary Rozman Selznik in the town of Lincoln and others are sick as the result of having eaten dynamite. Frank Rozman had been blasting stumps in the pasture and neglected to take the dynamite, caps, and fuse home at night, expecting to use them the next morning. Eighteen head of young stock were left in the pasture and when the boys returned, the dynamite had disappeared.

80 Years Ago

Nov. 22, 1940

Explosion Starts Fire

About 4:00 pm last Thursday a tremendous explosion occurred in the shop at the Stenberg Garage. Flames completely encircled the room igniting the heavy paper ceiling. The building was filled with a dense black smoke that made it next to impossible for firemen to detect where the flames were. After proper ventilation was furnished the smoke cleared and the flames were extinguished.

The damage to the building and the cars was considerable. A new roof will be required. The paint jobs and either windshields or side glass was cracked on four new 1941Ford cars. Eight used cars and the cars of Dr. B. Kundy and C.J. VandeBerg also suffered from cracked glass and damage to the finish.

60 years Ago

Nov. 17, 1960

Grand Openings

The grand opening day activities will be Dec. 2nd-Dec. 4th for the new, spacious 21-unit Colonial Motel, the Phillips 66 station and the new, ultra-modern Bobber Café located at the junction of I 94 and 63.

50 Years Ago

Nov. 19, 1970

Don’s Ben Franklin

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of this week are the Grand Opening days at the newly enlarged and remodeled Don’s Ben Franklin Store in Baldwin.

The store, which was originally begun by Don Matysik in 1955 has been enlarged, the display area of the store is now the entire length of the building and 24 ft. wide, with the remainder of the width being used for storage area. The added room makes it possible to expand all departments in the store and carry much more merchandise.

10 Years Ago

Nov. 16, 2010

Treasures Christmas Store

Treasures from the Heart has opened its annual Christmas store in Baldwin. The store is located in the former Bakke Norman Law Office at 900 Main Street. Tom Schumacher of Bakke Norman is donating the use of space. Mary Holle is the manager of the Baldwin Treasures store and Linda Booth is the manager of the Christmas Store.

Bow and Arrow

Brad Hopp harvested a wild pig with bow and arrow last Friday evening south of Baldwin. Hopp said he has had pictures of the wild pig on his trail cam since July and has seen him chasing deer on many occasions.

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