The first week of August meant it was summer camp time for thirteen boys and several leaders from our local Baldwin Woodville Scout Troop. Attendees pitched their tents for seven nights at the beautiful Mohican campsite inside Tomahawk Scout Reservation near Birchwood, Wisconsin. Mohican is on the tip of a peninsula extending into Long Lake. With water on both sides of the site, the Scouts enjoy a beautiful view of the lake and a nice breeze which helps keep the persistent mosquitos at bay.

Prior to the trip, much planning goes into organizing meal menus, grocery shopping, arranging transportation, packing supplies and selecting merit badge workshops to attend. Once the Scouts arrive, they are responsible for setting up camp which involves not only pitching tents but also creating a “kitchen” area for food storage and preparation, and securing toiletries in bear proof boxes. This year no bears were seen in camp which cannot be said for the last few years!

The typical day at Scout camp starts around 7 AM with a wake up “call.” Scouts cook breakfast as they are responsible for preparing their meals and washing their dishes at camp. No paper plates, plastic silverware or disposable cups are allowed. After breakfast the Scouts are off to a flag ceremony where flags are raised for the day. From there they break off into merit badge workshops where they work on completing the requirements to earn various badges. The boys have a wide variety of options from Kayaking or Climbing to Digital Technology or Emergency Preparedness. After the workshops, they head back to Mohican for lunch and troop activities for the afternoon. After dinner Tomahawk provides several activities for the Scouts including group campfires with comedy skits performed by camp counselors and “Star Parties” to observe constellations.

On the final night of camp, the Scouts cook dinner for any family members who wish to join the troop for a meal and the Court of Honor Ceremony. This year forty-seven merit badges were presented to Scouts during the ceremony and seven Scouts advanced ranks.

Sam Aho earned Climbing, Fish & Wildlife Management, Rifle Shooting, Wilderness Survival and Cooking.

Evan Becker earned Chess, Climbing, Geocaching, Wilderness Survival and Cooking.

Evan Clausen earned Rifle Shooting, Wilderness Survival, Woodcarving and Cooking.

George Gough earned Canoeing, Mammal Study, Fish & Wildlife Management, Forestry and Cooking.

Riley Gough earned Citizenship in the Community, Family Life and Personal Management.

Dylan Hackner earned Fingerprinting and Pioneering.

Matthew Johannsen earned Camping, Geocaching, Kayaking, and Mammal Study.

Alex Knegendorf earned Digital Technology, Electricity and Electronics.

Ryan Lindner earned Environmental Science, Fish & Wildlife Management, Geocaching and Wilderness Survival.

Keaton Northup earned Citizenship in the World.

Austin Pollack earned Geocaching and Weather.

Tyler Pollack earned Climbing, Emergency Preparedness and Kayaking.

Jonathan Pollitt earned Citizenship in the World.

Alex Schmidt earned Basketry.

Oliver Twernbold earned Astronomy, Salesmanship, Wilderness Survival and Cooking.

Sam Aho, Evan Becker, Evan Clausen, George Gough and Oliver Twernbold advanced rank to Scout Second Class. Tyler Pollack advanced to Life Scout rank. Special Congratulations to Dylan Hackner for advancing to Eagle, Scouting’s highest rank. Dylan also worked as a counselor at Tomahawk Scout Reservation this summer. His contributions to the Troop and our community are greatly appreciated.

Also in Scouting news, current Scout Master, Doug Jamieson has resigned after many years of donating his time to Scouting. The Troop is thankful for his contributions and wishes Doug and his family well as they open a new chapter of their lives.

The Troop would also like to thank all of our community members who purchased pop and water from Scouts during the Syttende Mai parade, June Bug Days parade, car show and tractor pull. This fundraiser helps cover the large expense of feeding thirteen hungry boys for a week at camp. Also, if you see Scouts out selling popcorn this fall, please consider purchasing a tasty treat. You will help a young man further his Scouting career.

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