The Baldwin-Woodville tennis team hosted a quad on May 22 where the Blackhawks lost 3-4 to La Crosse Logan, defeated West Salem, 5-2, and fell, 1-6, to Menomonie.

Baldwin Woodville 3, La Crosse Logan 4

Against Logan, the Blackhawks swept their doubles matches but were swept in singles action.

Sam Sykora and Caleb Lokker, who played at No. 3 doubles two seasons ago, won the No. 1 doubles match against Danil Roberts and Wyatt Restel, 6-2, 6-3. 

“They have done a great job leading all of our doubles teams,” said B-W Coach Dana Helgeson. “It’s been great to have their leadership on the team.”

At No. 2 doubles, Micahel Krinke and Brogan Drilling topped John Herath and Erick Moore, 6-4, 3-6, 10-6. Connor Barnett and Parker Schutz blanked Tyler Stevenson and Alex Pedretti, 6-0, 6-0. in No. 3 doubles action.

In singles play, Ethan Rumpel and Tyler Barnett each took their opponents to three sets. Rumpel lost 6-2, 5-7, 7-10 to Charlie Schleifer in the No. 3 match. Tyler Barnett bounced back from a 0-6 first set against Alex Konczakowski to win the second set 6-2, but fell 11-13 in the third set tiebreaker.

Tyler Smigla fell 3-6, 1-6 to Wiliam Coffey at No. 1 singles. Gus Kroenig lost 4-6, 4-6 to Elliot Larson at No. 2 singles.

Coach Helgeson said Smigla “has had to really concentrate and work hard this season. Tyler played No. 4 and 5 singles for us two years ago, but this year is our No. 1. It’s a huge jump for him, but he had done a great job of handling it all. He pushes himself and our team.”

“All of our singles players have really worked hard on their game and always have great attitudes,” Helgeson added. “It’s been fun watching them become strong players.”

Baldwin Woodville 5, West Salem 2

The Blackhawks won all but one singles match and one doubles match against West Salem.

Sykora and Lokker shined again at No. 1 doubles, defeating Breezy Hofmeister and Brady Siegersma, 6-2, 6-1. 

“Caleb and Sam complement each other so well on the courts,” Coach Helgeson said. “They both have great mind sets and are very dedicated to their game and team.”

Connor Barnett and Schutz added a 6-2, 6-4 victory over Ben Holter and Sam Horton in the No. 3 doubles match.

“Connor and Parker have done a great job as a doubles team,” Helgeson said. “I’m very pleased with how well they work together on the court. They have a lot of fun playing together.”

At No. 2 singles, freshman Kroenig demolished David Wright, 6-1, 6-0, while Rumpel, a first year player as  a senior, shut out Briley Larson in No. 3 singles play.

“Gus is a natural on the courts,” Helgeson said. “He does a great job moving the ball. He has a great serve and strong mindset.”

“Ethan has worked so hard on the game,” Coach Helgeson added. “It’s always so much fun to watch him play.

Tyler Barnett added a hard-fought 6-4, 7-5 win over Anthony Balboa in the No. 4 singles match. 

“Tyler has perfected his serve this season,” Helgeson said. “He also does a nice job keeping the ball in play.”

Smigla was shut out at No. 1 singles by Jack Hehlie and the No. 2 doubles team of Krinke and Drilling lost in three sets to Ethan Heger and Krish Patel, 6-4, 4-6, 9-11.

“Michael and Brogan also complement each other,” Helgeson said. “Brogan is very aggressive at the net and has work so hard on getting a powerful serve. Michael has very constant ground strokes and also great serves.”

Baldwin-Woodville 1, Menomonie 6

B-W’s lone victory against Menomonie came at No 1 singles where Sykora defeated Cole Witucki, 6-2, 6-3.

Lokker stole one game from Dom Hendrickson in the No. 2 singles match. Krinke fell, 1-6, 3-6 to Noah Reckin in the No. 3 match and Vince Searafina dropped the No. 4 match to Ian Pupora, 2-6, 2-6.

In doubles play, Smigla and Drilling lost, 2-6, 1-6 to Kai Wei Chen and Joaquin Gamez during the No. 1 match. At No. 2, Connor Barnett and Schutz were shut out by Austen Gjestson and Brady Goodman. Ban Paquette and Wyatt Smestad snagged one game victory from Peyton Wayne and Andrew Busch.

Coach Helgeson said, “We had to change our lineup because we were missing some of our players.” 



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