For the first year, the Baldwin-Woodville Football Program hosted a youth football camp for 1st through 8th graders in the beginning of August. Overall, 152 kids registered to join the camp and made for a fun community building experience.

“We had varsity coaches, Junior High coaches, a number of alumni, and our current players all working with the kids,” said B-W football coach Dan Keefer, “I thought it was a very positive experience. Our goal was to make it fun, and I think the kids had a lot of fun.” Those joining in got to run drills, throw and catch footballs, and practice tackling. At the end of the three days, all the kids got to play “backyard football” and show off all the skills they learned during the camp.

The kids were also treated to dinner from Domino’s Pizza, Culver’s and Nilssen’s. “I would sure like to thank those three,” said Keefer, “we’re really lucky that there are a lot of people that understand the value of these kids getting this kind of exposure. It was just a fun experience.”

After a successful event, plans are in place to make the youth football camp a regular occurrence in Baldwin and everyone is grateful for the opportunity and help in making the event a success.

“It was a very positive thing,” said Keefer, “we’re appreciative of everyone who decided to help out. Now we’re looking forward to the regular season and I hope that those kids decide to come out this season. That’s really what we’re trying to do.”

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