On Friday night at the Pierce County Fair, it wasn’t long before one heard the roars of the combined tractor and truck pull starting in the grandstand.  The tractor and truck pull did a combined event to bring double the excitement for spectators to enjoy.  Pullers from across Wisconsin and Minnesota entertained the crowd while providing fun and excitement.  Many styles and sizes of tractors and trucks competed for the prize money.  A very nice show of local tractors and trucks highlighted the evening.


2021 Pierce County Fair Truck Pull Results

Winners & Distance Pulled

5700# Pure Stock

Jeremy Schilts 368.02, Andy Sandstrom 348.037, Robbie Horhman 336.058

6200# Pure Stock 

Andy Sandstrom 359.099, Kerry Schilts 331.05, Robbie Horhman 315.08

5800# Improved Stock 

Joe Frandrup   292.016, Troy Kaisershot 290.038, Chad Parkos 289.049

 6200# Improved Stock  

Joe Frandrup 239.036, Chad Parkos 238.070, Troy Kaisershot 235.067

5800# Pro Stock 

Jeremy Humphries 350.026, Tracy Anderson 330.30

4000# Light Open 

Jeff Wiskow 324.043, Curt Frandrup 312.01, Scott Jones 280.049

5000# Light Open 

Curt Frandrup 341.036, Jeff Wiskow 335.09, Scott Jones 268.085

8000# Open Diesel 

Trevor McCann 341.10, Dustin Tinney 303.08, Peter Kassera 205.03, Marcus Hurtgen 115.11

8500# Street Diesel 

Mitch Sandstrom 339.09, Jack Barclay 313.02, Pete Kassera 304.03, Tanner Brown 301.06

8500# Improved Diesel 

Trevor Simpkins 333.041, Brett Moulzolf 307.058


2021 Pierce County Fair Tractor Pull Results

Winners & Distance Pulled

3500# Antique Tractor

Michael Langer 112.9, Dean Bergseng 105, Jennifer Chrest 100

4500# Stock Non-Turbo Farm Stock

Eric Lofthur 310.1, Aiden Voeltz 308.6, Todd Paulson 308.11

5500# Stock Non-Turbo Farm Stock

Tom Rohl 326.7, Cade Bjork 326.4, Dan Meyer 325.6

7000# Stock Non-Turbo Farm Stock

Steve Goossens 319.3, Dan Meyer 298.1, Caleb Cobian 292.7

9500# Stock Non-Turbo Farm Stock

Adam Birkel 318.6, Steve Goossens 315.4, Jacob Weber 289.5

11000# Stock Non-Turbo Farm Stock

Butch Reinhart 213.2, David Peine 209.7, Brian Tix 207.9

10000# Turbo Farm Stock

Max Geraets 328.9, Matt Leke 327.11, Roger McGee 308.2

11000# Turbo Farm Stock

Chase Klatt 302.3, Max Geraets 292.5, Roger McGee 285.8

12500# Turbo Farm Stock

Chase Klatt 236.11, Roger McGee 219.5, Drew Hoesley 161.1

14000# Turbo Farm Stock

Dominic Harker 272.1, Jerry Kosin 245.7, Logan Kraft 243.7

5500# Pure Farm Stock

Connor Johnson 215, Cody Nelson 199.1, Luke Morth 189.6

4500# Light Improved Farm

Collin Miller 302.4, Rod Scott 291.6, Eric Lofferts/Kory Graf 249.9/230.3

5500# Light Improved Farm

Eric Cambronne 304, Rod Scott 295.7, Aiden Voeltz 294.2

6000# Light Improved Farm

Steve Bisco 299.2, Aiden Voeltz 290.8

11000# Improved Farm 2.8x3

Cody Frederick 387.11, Andy Zettel 382, Travis Thom 219.7

11500# Improved Farm 2.8x3

Andy Zettel 336, Cody Frederick 309, Travis Thom 189.1

9500# Pro Farm

Ben Thurmes 341.8, Jake Decker 334.1, Jim Lyrek 304.11

10000# Pro Farm

Jake Decker 310.7, Ben Thurmes 303.8, Jim Lyrek 280.4

6500# Light Open

Brian Miller 299.1, Ben Bechel 148.4



Thank you to our local tractor pull sponsors Car Quest of River Falls, Auto Value of Ellsworth, Bernard’s of River Falls, D.N.R Dairy-Ed and Mike Rohl, Fisher Tractor Repair, Hydraulic Component Repair Service Inc., Pierce County Farm Bureau, O’Reillys Auto Parts of Hudson, River Falls State Bank, River Falls Tire Co., Rural Mutual Insurance – Leah Saufl and Tractor Central Durand who helped make this event possible.  


The pulls would not be successful without the volunteer tractor pull advisory group of Pete Lubich, Ryan Joy and Kevin Lindstrom for all their time and dedication to the sport of pulling.  Thank you to Scott Jones, Cody Jones, Jeff & Autumn Wiskow and their helpers for all their time and efforts in organizing the truck pull.

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