May 12, 2021 – 6:00pm

The Village of Baldwin Board of Trustees held their regular board meeting on Wednesday, May 12, 2021. President Lance Van Damme called the meeting to order at 6:02pm. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by all present.

Village Administrator/Clerk-Treasurer Tracy Carlson took roll call. Those present: President Lance Van Damme, Trustees Amy Jurgens, Matt Knegendorf, Doug Newton and Austin Van Someren. Chad Wernlund was absent and there was one vacancy on the board.

Others present: Attorney Paul Mahler, Public Works Director Brad Boldt, EMS Chief Tom Boyer, Engineer Erik Hennigsgard, Deputy Clerk Jodi Peterson, Tom Vande Berg, John Hiller, Jacqueline Walker, Charnette Tobin, Tom Stengl, Kristine Forbes, Mike Stoffel, Glenn Meyer, Sean Lentz and Josh Low

Filling Board Vacancy: Due to a vacancy on the Board of Trustees, Van Damme asked for any residents who were interested in being appointed to the vacancy to introduce themselves. John Hiller, Jacqueline Walker and Kristine Forbes expressed interest in serving on the board by submitting a written interest form prior to the meeting and by then addressing the board in person. After brief introductions, Van Damme asked if there were any additional interested residents and if there were any questions for the candidates by the board members. Hearing none, the board voted by ballot to determine who to appoint. The votes were as follows: Kristine Forbes received three votes (Van Someren, Jurgens, and Van Damme); Hiller received one vote (Knegendorf) and Jennifer Nickowski (who was not present but had expressed interest is serving on the board) received one vote (Doug Newton). As Forbes received the majority vote, she was appointed to fill the vacancy. Carlson administered the Oath of Office to Forbes who then took her seat the board table. Forbes will serve a two-year term.


Van Someren moved and Jurgens seconded to approve the following consent agenda items:

• Checks written from 4/13/2021 – 5/7/2021 - #38799 - 38897; voided check - #38269; payroll vouchers 25091-25215; online/manual checks for payroll taxes, HSA contributions, deferred comp/Roth IRA, payment systems network and WRS.

• Financial reports including budget comparisons for April 2021

• Minutes from

o April 8, 2021 (Special Village Board Meeting)

o April 14, 2021 (Regular Village Board Meeting)

o April 28, 2021 (Organizational Village Board Meeting)

• Updated fee schedule

• Updated job description for Police Sergeant

• Municipal court report for April, 2021


Public Comments: Van Damme called for public comments three times. Jodi Peterson, Windmill Days, requested 7th Ave (at Main St.) street closure on Saturday, June 12 for a kiddie tractor pull. Because the board cannot act on items not on the agenda and Windmill Days will occur before the next board meeting, Peterson was instructed to discuss the street closure with Police Chief Krueger and Public Works Director Boldt to determine if it is possible.

Planning Commission

Nolato Expansion: Knegendorf moved to approve the Nolato expansion plan (660 Vande Berg St.) contingent upon the village receiving a copy of the parking lot lease agreement between Skycoat and Nolato as recommended by Planning Commission. Seconded by Van Someren. Motion carried.

Ordinance Amendments: Van Someren moved to approve ordinance amendments as recommended by the Planning Commission which include: 635-52 – Sign ordinance, defining unnecessary hardship; 635-56 (D) – Sign ordinance, illumination standards; 635-64 (A) – Sign special exception amendment to add that a hardship is to be proven by the applicant before an exception can be considered. Seconded by Newton. Motion carried.

Windmill Days

Newton moved to approve the BW Youth Ball Association request for a picnic license and temporary operator’s licenses for Windmill Days and to waive the fees. Seconded by Knegendorf. Motion carried.

Jodi Peterson, Windmill Days, requested that the committee be allowed to shoot newspaper out of the cannon located at Bailey Park to start the parade on June 12. Van Someren moved to allow the cannon to be shot with a test run being perform prior to June 12. Seconded by Forbes. Motion carried.

Todd Johansson, North Meets South, requested that 7th Ave. be closed from Main St. to his parking lot on June 11 and 12 (9am – 10pm) for Windmill Days. Knegendorf moved to approve the request. Seconded by Jurgens. Motion carried.

Vande Berg Sign Request: Tom Vande Berg requested that the Vande Berg St. signs be updated with the proper spelling of his name (they are currently “Vandeberg” and should be “Vande Berg” with a space between “e” and “B”). Knegendorf moved to approve updating the street signs. Seconded by Van Damme. Motion carried. Vande Berg will meet with Public Works Director Boldt to discuss getting the signs ordered.

Dutch Heritage Median Upgrades: Carlson shared that some residents in Dutch Heritage would like to beautify the median at the entrance of the subdivision by re-painting the sign and adding pots and flowers. Newton moved to allow a reimbursement of expenses with receipts being submitted up to $500 for updates to the median. Seconded by Van Someren. Motion carried.

Paul Tucci, KAMI LLC, presented information about a 38-unit apartment complex concept plan to be located on Gracie Dr. The board asked various questions of Tucci. The complex would provide 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom units with air conditioning and parking. Rent would be comparable to other communities in the area and would appeal to the mid-market renter. A consensus was given by the board to continue discussions about the complex and to continue to discuss possible financial incentives with Sean Lentz, village financial advisor. No action taken.

TIF 7 expenditure period discussion: Sean Lentz, Ehlers, explained to the board that the expenditure period for TIF 7 (I94 Industrial Park and surrounding area) will expire on Sept. 12, 2022. If the board chooses, additional projects can be started by that date to take advantage of the tax increment remaining in the district or the board can choose to close the district when all remaining TIF 7 debt is paid. Staff has met and discussed possible projects for the district. Staff agreed that a booster station may be needed to force water in the mains for fire suppression systems for future developments. Staff also agreed that there were no other projects that are needed and that the district could be closed, if it is determined that a booster station is not necessary. No action taken.

Interim funds for sewer plant expenses: Lentz reminded the board that interim financing of $6.5 million was going to be obtained for new sewer plant expenses until the clean water fund loan was approved and disbursement could be made for construction costs. Because the board is pursuing a USDA Rural Development Loan instead of the Clean Water Fund loan, disbursement of the loan funds may not be available until the project is completed. Lentz has inquired with USDA if funds can be disbursed during construction instead of after construction. He has not heard from them. The current sewer reserves are not going to be able to sustain continued costs for development of a new plant; therefore, Lentz is suggesting the general fund excess account loan money to the sewer fund until it is determined if USDA will allow disbursement of approved loan funds during construction, at which time interim financing would not be necessary. Van Someren moved to allow the general excess fund to loan the sewer fund up to $1 million dollars over the next 60 days, as needed with the intention that those funds would be paid back at the time the USDA loan is approved and disbursement can occur or if interim financing is obtained. Seconded by Newton. Motion carried.

COVID-PTO hours: Knegendorf moved to allow the policy that provided an additional 80 hours of PTO for COVID related issues to expire on May 31. Seconded by Newton. Motion carried.

Hwy. 63 By-Pass on Official Map: Carlson informed the board that, per the WI DOT, the Hwy. 63 by-pass that has been on the village’s official map since 2008 is only a concept and it can be removed from the map if the village chooses. If the approved concept is not on the official village map and the WI DOT determines a by-pass is necessary due to congestion on Hwy. 63 in the future, the WI DOT will begin discussion and planning for a different or revised by-pass than the 2008 concept. Van Damme moved that Planning Commission should review the official map and it is recommended that the Hwy. 63 by-pass be removed. Seconded by Van Someren. Motion carried.

Traffic control at Maple St/11th Ave: Van Damme requested that a stop sign be added to the corner of Maple St and 11th Ave due to the proximity to the schools. Van Damme moved to have the stop sign added. Seconded by Jurgens. Motion carried. Chief Krueger was asked to create a list of all uncontrolled or semi-controlled intersections in the village and report back to the board at a subsequent meeting.

Fire-proof safe for administrative office: Van Damme suggested that a safe be purchased for the administrative office to protect valuable and irreplaceable documents and items. Knegendorf moved to table this item until more investigation can be done on types of safes available for office settings. Seconded by Jurgens. Motion carried 5-1 with Newton opposed.

Committee Appointments: With the appointment of the new board member, Van Damme discussed committee appointments. Jurgens moved to approve the recommended appointments adding Forbes to the Parks/Rec and Tourism Committee and as an alternate to the United Fire Board. Seconded by Newton. Motion carried.


Village Engineer – Erik Henningsgard (SEH) – Written report was submitted. SEH staff continues to work on the USDA Rural Development loan application with village staff with the intention of having it submitted within the next couple of weeks.

Dept. Heads

Public Works –

Overlaying Baldwin Plaza Drive – Boldt requested that remaining funds from the current street project budget be used to overlay Baldwin Plaza Drive in the amount of approx. $40,000. Newton moved to allow the request. Seconded by Van Someren. Motion carried.

Boldt reported that two of the three new bathrooms at the parks were functional. The third will be functional within the next couple of weeks.

Stoffel reported that the Franklin St. project will begin within the first couple weeks in June. Updates to the project will be added to the village website to keep the public updated and informed of the progress.

Police Department – Report submitted. Krueger reported that the county-wide software upgrade has been installed and is being used. Case number recording has changed. There were a total of 100 calls for service in April. Body/vehicle cameras were ordered and should be delivered the first week of June.

EMS – Boyer submitted a written report. There were 127 calls and 31 transfers in April 2021.

Administrator/Clerk-Treasurer’s Report – Tracy Carlson

Staff continues to work with SEH to fulfill the requirements for the USDA Rural Development Loan for the sewer plant.

Librarian Rebecca Dixen is retiring with her last day being June 1. The Library Board is responsible for interviewing and hiring her replacement.

There will be a groundbreaking ceremony for Baldwin Travel Plaza, a new gas station/convenience store/restaurant/truck-stop at the corner of Hwy. 63 and Energy St., on Friday, May 14, 2021 at 12:30. Staff and board members are invited.

Interviews for the public works assistant wastewater operator position will be held on May 20, 2021.

Baldwin’s Main St. Farmers Market opening day is June 5 at Bailey Park. Linda Paul has agreed to be the weekly on-site manager.

The BeWell Clinic will host a free biometrics health clinic on June 1 for all full-time employees and family members who are on the village’s health plan.

There is continued guidance coming from the Federal Treasury Dept regarding the Americans Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). The village is anticipating an allocation of $402,000 over the next two years. Careful consideration will need to be had to determine how to spend these dollars when they are available.

Closed Session

Van Someren moved to convene to closed session pursuant to 19.85 (1) (c) – Consideration of employment, promotion, compensation or performance evaluation data of any village employee who is subject to the jurisdiction or authority of the board. Seconded by Van Damme. Motion carried by roll call vote with all in favor.

Meeting recessed at 8:02pm.

Meeting resumed in closed session at 8:08pm.

Van Damme discussed expectations of staff and board and expressed that communication between all parties is crucial to a well-operating governing body.

Newton moved to reconvene to open session. Seconded by Van Someren. Motion carried. Open session reconvened at 8:36pm. No action taken.

Being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:37pm.

Lance Van Damme, Village President 

Tracy Carlson, Administrator/Clerk-Treasurer


(June 19)

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