September 9, 2020 – 6:00pm

The Village of Baldwin Board of Trustees opened their regular board meeting on Wednesday, September 9, 2020 at the Baldwin Municipal Center, 400 Cedar St. President Willy Zevenbergen called the meeting to order at 6:00pm.

Village Administrator/Clerk-Treasurer Tracy Carlson took roll call. Those present: President Willy Zevenbergen, Trustees Matt Knegendorf, Doug Newton, Duane Russett, Lance Van Damme, Austin VanSomeren and Chad Wernlund.

Others present: Engineer Erik Henningsgard, Public Works Director Brad Boldt, Police Chief Darren Krueger, April Ziemer, Rich Carlson, Jason Prosser, Eugene Zwald, Jodi Peterson, Stu Dix, Brianne Kiefer, Justin Fritz and Adam Newton


Trustee Newton asked for the minutes from the August 12, 2020 meeting be removed from consent agenda for review.

Van Damme moved to approve the items on the consent agenda. Seconded by Russett. Items approved include:

• Checks written from 8/8/2020 – 9/4/2020; #37935-38042; payroll vouchers 24144-24266; online/manual checks for payroll taxes, HSA contributions, deferred comp/Roth IRA, payment systems network and WRS

• Financial reports including budget comparisons for August 2020

• Municipal court report – August 2020

• Payment request from Town of Baldwin for shared portion of street work on 80th Ave. in the amount of $42,568.25

• Change order #1 from Albrightson Excavating for 9th Ave. street project

• Pay request #2 from Albrightson Excavating for 9th Ave. street project in the amount of $32,526.67

Newton asked for clarification and correction on two items in the minutes from the August 12, 2020 regular board meeting. An amendment was made for clarification purposes. Newton moved to approve the minutes from the August 12, 2020 minutes. Seconded by Russett. Motion carried.


Zevenbergen called for public comments three times. None were heard.

Planning Commission Item

Per the recommendation of the Planning Commission, the following action was taken:

Russett moved to approve a rezone petition for property located on 6th Ave (PID # 106-1098-30-000) rezoning it from R-4 to R-1-M (Jason Prosser, owner). Seconded by Van Damme. Motion carried.

Knegendorf moved to approve the site plan for Baldwin-Woodville School District for pool/athletic field improvements. Seconded by VanSomeren. Motion carried.

Agenda Items

Eugene Zwald, Village Church, spoke to the board about their plans to purchase a 10-acre parcel at the corner of Hwy. 63 and 60th Ave. (Nelson property) to develop into a church campus. Their intention is to use the current dwelling as offices until a church is built. The annexation application has been submitted to the state and they have been informed that they will need to connect to municipal water/sewer if the annexation is approved. They hope to be able to build a church building within five years. No action taken by the board.

The request for “no parking” signs on 60th Ave. by David Lindquist was tabled until October. Lindquist was unable to attend the meeting.

Newton moved to deny the request from Ron and Lorri Riek (Woodville Warehousing) to waive street impact fees charged in the amount of $9,720 for the expansion of their current facility on Oak Ridge Parkway. Seconded by Knegendorf. Motion carried. Neither Ron nor Lori Riek were at the meeting during this discussion; however, Mr. Riek arrived at 7:12pm.

The board discussed the request from the BW School District to add “no parking” signs on the north side of Maple St. between 13th and 14th Ave. The Streets/Building Committee recommended signs be placed between the staff parking lot driveway west to 14th St. Upon further discussion, no action was taken as the board did not believe there was a problem that warranted signs. A representative from the school district was not present.

Russett moved to deny the request to put a fence along the walking path at the end of Blackduck Ave. and requesting that signage be added that there be no ATV’s riding on the path and that pedestrians should stay off the grass. Seconded by Knegendorf. Motion carried.

The board discussed a concern about the naming and numbering of the extension of Bluebill St. There were concerns that the numbering pattern did not match most of the village. Engineer Henningsgard addressed these concerns and found that not every street and number matched the apparent numbering standards and that the naming of the street and the numbering seem appropriate. There was concern about a street extending north (from the east end of Bluebill) would be a continuation of Bluebill St. It was determined that when that portion of the subdivision is developed that the Planning Commission and Village Board should not allow it to be named Bluebill St. No action taken to change the street name or numbering.

Russett discussed his concern with a possible COVID outbreak in the village. He suggested that the village board make a statement to the public encouraging the residents to abide by the CDC, state and county health department recommendations to wear a mask and practice social distancing. Van Damme adamantly disagreed with Russett’s suggestion, stating that he believes it is not the village board’s job to tell the village residents what to do or not to do during a health emergency but to leave that to the county and state officials. Russett asked for input from the rest of the board members. Van Someren agreed with Van Damme. No other board members spoke. Russett abandoned his suggestion in frustration.

Van Damme moved to approve applying for an annual 3% water rate increase effective Jan. 1, 2021. Seconded by Wernlund. Motion carried. Carlson will submit the request to the Public Service Commission.

Knegendorf moved to approve a three-year contract with Chimney Rock Appraisal in the amount of $51,600, paying $17,200 equally over three years, effective 2021-2023. Seconded by Van Damme. Motion carried.

Van Damme moved to approve an agreement with Ehlers, Inc. to create a long-range sewer plant cost analysis to best determine sewer user fees to support the new sewer plant. Seconded by Knegendorf. Motion carried. Cost of the analysis is $10,000, which will be paid for from the sewer account.

Van Damme moved to approve Resolution 2020-11 – Authorized Representative to File Applications from State of WI Environmental Improvement Fund, naming the Administrator/Clerk-Treasurer as the authorized representative. Seconded by Knegendorf. Motion carried by roll call vote with all in favor.

Newton moved to approve Resolution 2020-12 – Declaring Official Intent to Reimburse Expenditures from Proceeds of Borrowing for new sewer plant. Seconded by Knegendorf. Motion carried by roll call vote with all in favor.

The board reviewed quotes for public works uniforms and mats from three companies – Cintas, Huebsch and Aramark. Based on cost savings, VanSomeren moved to approve contracting with Huebsch and giving Cintas a 30-day notice of termination of services. Seconded by Van Damme. Motion carried.

The board discussed extending Oak Ridge Parkway in the I94 Industrial Park to as an incentive to development. Knegendorf moved to have SEH review the site, design the road extension, and return to the board with cost estimates. Seconded by Russett. Motion carried.

Carlson requested a wage adjustment for Deputy Clerk, Jodi Peterson based on a positive 6-month review. Van Damme moved to approve $1.00/hr wage increase, effective Sept. 7, 2020. Seconded by Van Someren. Motion carried.

Director of Public Work Brad Bold updated the board on snow plowing on Main St. this winter. The department will not be shoveling business sidewalks and they will do one pass down Main St. making it passable. The focus will be on getting residential streets cleared as soon as possible. Boldt will visit each business owner to discuss this with them. The board agreed with this change.

Van Damme moved to add a stop sign on Pine St. (facing east) and 8th Ave. (behind the post office). Seconded by Zevenbergen. Motion carried.


Village Engineer – Erik Henningsgard (SEH) - Henningsgard reported that 9th Ave. is completed. The new sewer plant design will be submitted to the DNR at the end of Sept. with the Clean Water Fund application be submitted at that time as well. Written report was submitted.

Dept. Heads

Public Works – Boldt reported that they are finishing minor dirt work on 9th Ave. due to the street construction. The water/sewer laterals are being put in place for the new park bathrooms.

Police Department – Krueger submitted a written report. He shared there were 121 calls for service in August 2020. The new squad car is complete and outfitted. The 2015 Explorer is now being used as a spare vehicle.

EMS – Boyer submitted a written report. There were 140 calls in August 2020 and 43 transfers.

Administrator/Clerk-Treasurer’s Report – Tracy Carlson

Carlson reported on the following:

The first group of claims have been submitted for the Federal CARES ACT fund allocation from the State of WI in the amount of $23,840. These claims are for expenses incurred due to the COVID-19 pandemic and were not budgeted for. The claims include expenses submitted by United Fire and Rescue and various department expenses.

Absentee ballots for the 2020 Presidential Election will be sent by Sept. 17. As of the date of this meeting, there were over 500 absentee ballot requests, which surpasses all absentee ballots issued for the 2016 Presidential election.

Closed Session

The Village Board was scheduled to go into closed session with the village attorney. The attorney was not able to attend. Closed session was postponed until October.

Being there was no additional business, the meeting adjourned at 7:23pm.

Willard Zevenbergen Tracy Carlson

Village President Administrator/Clerk-Treasurer


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