March 10, 2021 – 6:00pm

The Village of Baldwin Board of Trustees held their regular board meeting on Wednesday, March 10, 2021. President Willy Zevenbergen called the meeting to order at 6:00pm. The Pledge of Allegiance was said by all present.

Village Administrator/Clerk-Treasurer Tracy Carlson took roll call. Those present: President Willy Zevenbergen, Trustees Matt Knegendorf, Doug Newton, Duane Russett, Lance Van Damme, Austin Van Someren and Chad Wernlund.

Others present: Attorney Paul Mahler, Public Works Director Brad Boldt, Police Chief Darren Krueger, EMS Chief Tom Boyer, Engineer Erik Hennigsgard, Deputy Clerk Jodi Peterson, Rich Carlson, April Ziemer, Financial Advisor Sean Lentz, Mike Stoffel, Jim/Julie Lokker, Barry/Mary Jo Lunzer, Chad/Stacy Shafer, Brian/Angela Blodgett, Brian Newton, Joe Grandberg, Debby Walters, Jody/Jerry Wolski, Randi/Gary Hoffman, Mike Soergel, Nate Lee, Amy Jurgens, Marge Weiske, David Weiske, and Librarian Rebecca Dixen


Newton requested the review of the bills be removed from the consent agenda for further discussion.

Russett moved to approve the remaining items on the consent agenda. Seconded by Knegendorf. Motion carried to approve the following:

• Financial reports (including budget comparisons) for February, 2021

• Board minutes from Feb. 10, 2021 board meeting

• Spring clean-up days – April 23-24

• Hiring Trevor Anderson – Public Works General Laborer

• Liquor licenses for

o Countryside Co-op (Landmark Coop) (930 10th Ave)

o I Mart Store (former Marathon Station) (1040 Berglien St).

• Municipal Judge Don McGee’s appointment of Jacqueline Schnacky as municipal court clerk

• Wage adjustment for Jodi Peterson, Deputy Clerk for one year review

• Municipal court report for February, 2021

• Appointment of Caleb Oosten to Planning Commission beginning in May

• Recognition and thanks to Kathy Jo Brihn for her service as Municipal Court Clerk, Planning Commission member and Chief Election Inspector

Newton asked if the check written to Springborn’s Automotive was inadvertently duplicated. The amount of the check was correct and was allocated to two different accounts. Newton moved to approve the checks written. Seconded by Knegendorf. Motion carried.

The checks written included those issued from 2/6/2021 – 3/5/2021 - #38587 - 38687; payroll vouchers #24866 - 24980; voided check #38296; online/manual checks for payroll taxes, HSA contributions, deferred comp/Roth IRA, payment systems network and WRS.


Zevenbergen called for public comments three times. No public comments were heard.

Planning Commission

Knegendorf moved to approve a certified survey map submitted by Western WI Health to combine two lots as recommended by Planning Commission. Seconded by Wernlund. Motion carried.

PUBLIC HEARING on levying special assessments for public improvements on Franklin St. (12th Ave. west to cul-de-sac) opened at 6:03pm. Russett left the board table to join the audience as he is an affected property owner of these assessments.

Project Engineer Mike Stoffel, Ayres, explained the scope of the project and reviewed the special assessments that were mailed to all affected property owner. Zevenbergen made it known that he objected to the 25% administrative fee that was assessed to each property without board approval and which was not indicated on the special assessment information sent to property owners.

Zevenbergen called for public comments. There were numerous questions and concerns about the project, which included the high cost of the assessments. Questions were asked about driveway aprons and if they were required to be concrete. The board, by consensus, determined that because there are no sidewalks included in this project, property owners can determine if their aprons will be concrete or asphalt. The project will be done in two halves with staging areas at 12th Ave. and 15th Ave. Mailboxes will be moved to a central location. Ash trees and silver maple trees will be removed with replacement of trees in 2022. It was stated that anyone with additional questions or comments should reach out to Stoffel directly.

At 7:03pm, after all comments were heard, Zevenbergen adjourned the public hearing.

Because Stoffel added a 25% administrative fee to the assessments without board approval and without public knowledge, Zevenbergen moved to remove the administrative fee in its entirety from all special assessments. Seconded by Wernlund. Motion carried 5-1-1 with Newton opposed and Russett abstaining. Attorney Mahler reminded the board that an administrative fee is allowed by ordinance; however, it needs to be assessed in an equitable manner and should be approved by the board on a project-by-project basis.

Van Someren moved to approve levying the special assessments for the Franklin St. project with the 25% administrative fee removed. Seconded by Zevenbergen. Motion carried 6-1 with Russett abstaining. Carlson will send a letter to all affected property owners explaining that any changes to pitch of driveway or desired material used (concrete/asphalt) for driveway aprons should be expressed to Stoffel and that the administrative fee was removed from the assessed amounts.

Meeting recessed at 7:16pm.

Meeting resumed at 7:20pm.

Sean Lentz updated the board on acquiring interim financing for the new sewer plant. The Clean Water Fund loan will not close until August/September. To pay for upcoming bills for design and planning, early construction costs etc., interim financing is necessary. Lentz recommended the board obtain $6.5 million dollars in general obligation debt to use as interim financing. It would be payable at any time, funds can be drawn as needed, interest is only charged on the amount drawn and the maturity date would be April 1, 2022. Van Someren moved to authorize soliciting bids for financing. Seconded by Wernlund. Motion carried. Requests for bids will be sent by March 26 with bid review by April 13 and approval of winning bid at the next board meeting on April 14.

Knegendorf moved to approve a donation of $1,100 to Botany Belles and Beaus as requested by Debby Walters. Seconded by Newton. Motion carried.

Jodi Peterson, Windmill Days Committee, requested the Main St. street closure time change from 4:00pm to 3:00pm on Friday, June 11 and that the parade route be changed to better accommodate the floats and participants. Van Someren moved to approve the requested changes. Seconded by Knegendorf. Motion carried.

Van Damme moved to approve amendment #1 to the agreement with Ayres and Associates for the Franklin St. project to include replacement of the sewer lines at the cul-de-sac that run south to the railroad tracks. Seconded by Van Someren. Motion carried.

Van Damme moved to approve amending Ordinance 140-7 – Retention/destruction of records to include a retention schedule for the police department. Seconded by Van Someren. Motion carried.

Newton moved to renew the “UCC” CD at Westconsin Credit Union for 36-months. Seconded by Zevenbergen. Motion carried.

Per board directive in January, Police Chief Krueger was instructed to issue citations to the property owner of 1150 7th Ave., Gayle Lee, for a nuisance property (non-completion of exterior of building). Nate Lee (son of Gayle Lee) requested direction from the board on when the citations will stop being issued. The board determined that when exterior work commences, the citations will cease. If exterior work ceases without completion, citations will begin again. Lee indicated that he would begin exterior work on the property the week of March 29, 2021. Citations will continue to be issued until work commences.

Administrator Carlson explained that the Families First Act policy, which allowed employees to have an addition 80 hours of PTO time for to COVID related issues and that was extended by the Village Board in January, expires on March 31, 2021. Russett moved to extend the policy until May 31, 2021 to allow time for all employees to get vaccinated, if desired. Seconded by Van Someren. Motion carried 6-1 with Newton opposed. The extension does not provide additional time for employees who have already used a portion of or all the 80-hour allotment.

Russett had requested time to discuss walking paths/sidewalks and trails with the board. He withdrew his request.


Village Engineer – Erik Henningsgard (SEH) – Written report was submitted.


Personnel/Public Safety Committee

Van Someren explained that Public Works Director, Brad Boldt requested a wage adjustment for Gary Newton to bring his wages in-line with industry standards for a wastewater operator. Van Someren moved to increase Newton’s wages by $1.29/hr. Seconded by Wernlund. Motion carried 6-1 with D. Newton abstaining.

Van Someren explained a requested handbook amendment to the holiday PTO policy to include over-time being paid if work is done on a holiday and to update what days are considered a “holiday” if the holiday falls on the weekend. Van Someren moved to approve the policy amendments as presented. Seconded by Newton. Motion carried.

Streets/Building Committee

Knegendorf reported that the consulting proposals for emergency services buildings were reviewed and two firms will be interviewed. After the interviews, the committee will make a recommendation to the board as to how to proceed.

Dept. Heads

Public Works – Boldt reported the utility van is for sale by sealed bid. The new van is in service.

Police Department – Krueger submitted a written report. There were 154 calls for service reported for Feb 2021 with 97 case numbers assigned. The department was part of chase that ended with no injuries. Various members of the department have or will be participating in various training opportunities. Plans are starting for National Night Out, which will be held on Aug. 3.

EMS – Boyer submitted a written report. There were 115 calls and 24 transfers in February 2021.

Library – Dixen submitted a written report. The library is open with limited hours for browsing. There are numerous ways patrons can obtain library items. In-person story time is starting on March 23.

Administrator/Clerk-Treasurer’s Report – Tracy Carlson

Carlson reported on the following:

The Spring Election will be on April 6.

The BeWell Clinic is being used by employees and families with good response. Carlson meets monthly with the other participating businesses and with the clinic representatives.

Staff has worked diligently to get the auditors all the documentation needed for the 2020 audit.

The re-financing of the 2012A bond will be completed by Monday, March 15.

The sewer plant bid opening will be on March 23 and the Franklin St. bid opening will be on April 8. Both items will be on the April board agenda.

Planning for the Farmers Market has begun. Linda Paul has agreed to be the weekly market manager again. Opening day will be on June 5.

The dump will be open for regular hours starting on April 6.

Russett moved to convene to closed session pursuant to 19.85 (1) (e) – Deliberation of or negotiation for the public properties, the investment of public funds, or the conduct of other specific public business, whenever competitive or bargaining reasons require a closed session. Seconded by Knegendorf. Motion carried by roll call vote with all in favor.

Meeting recessed at 8:08pm.

Meeting resumed in closed session at 8:13pm.

The Village Board discussed 640 Main St. which is owned by St. Croix County.

Being no further business, the closed session and the meeting adjourned at 8:28pm.


(Apr. 21, 28)

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