Dear reader,

The time has come once again for me to implore you to share your thoughts with us and with the Baldwin community. A few weeks ago, I published a column about Pride Month - a topic that inevitably causes a split in opinions - lo and behold, I received some response!

One of those responses you can see in last week’s paper published as a letter to the editor. They disagreed with my opinion, so much that they decided to cancel their subscription to the Baldwin Bulletin. While I applaud that person for standing up for what they believe in, I do find it a bit drastic to cancel a subscription to a primarily objective media platform because of one opinion piece, but hey, all power to them.

Other responses I received were on the opposite end of the spectrum, but they chose not to have their thoughts published as a letter to the editor. While I do appreciate the positive response to my columns, I would love to see more of these responses made public. I think it’s imperative for a community to have open communication with one another, and what better way to do that then by sharing your thoughts in the local paper?

My hope is that the snowball will start rolling as more letters start coming in. As the last letter proves, it doesn’t have to be all sunshine and rainbows. Do you disagree wholeheartedly with something that we’ve published? Let us know! Did you find my column offensive? Let me know!

That being said, there’s nothing wrong with sunshine and rainbows every now and then. If you know of someone in the community that did something commendable, why not show your appreciation in the paper? Or maybe something happened in the political atmosphere that you just need to show your favor for. Please, let us and your community know!

Having said all of this, I do understand the reluctance to voice your opinions publicly. We live in a very divisive time with a tumultuous political climate and a certain desperation to be “right” whatever that may mean. But I would challenge you, dear reader, to be daring enough to open the conversation in this community. How else are we supposed to show each other that we care about what happens in the world?

You never know the impact you might have on someone when they read what you share. I can tell you first hand that some of the positive comments I’ve received after publishing a column have brightened some of my darkest days. At the very least, you can get people thinking. Isn’t that something we could all use a little more of nowadays?

I’ve said it since the beginning of my time here at the Baldwin Bulletin, and I’ll continue to say it until I’m gone: this is your paper. We want to know your thoughts. We want to know your opinions. We want your advice. We want everything you have to offer us. So please, share your comments, questions and concerns with us. That’s what we’re here for.

Matt Anderson

805 Main Street

Baldwin, Wisconsin 54002

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