65 Years Ago

March 31, 1965

Store Opening

Mr. and Mrs. Don Matysik open a self-service Ben Franklin store in Baldwin this Friday, April 1. They purchased the Gamble Store from Bob Henderson in February and have given the store a complete face-lifting

60 Years Ago

April 7, 1960

Enrollment Increase Expected

Baldwin High School enrollment now stands at 180 students. In just 5 years this figure will jump to 280 boys and girls in grades 9 through 12. It can be easily seen why school officials are worrying about ways of caring for the flood of future learners.

It is the lower grades where the baby boom shows up strongest. For example, the 1960 freshman class has 43 members. When the present third grade class shows up at high school in just five years it will be more than double that- at least 90 strong.

Several rural schools have already voted to join with the high school district. Others will do so in another year or two. At least some of these schools will remain open to relieve the congestion in the village grade system.

50 Years Ago

April 2, 1970

Food Consumption 1969

You ate more food last year than any year previous. This was the case even if the cost of food has been steadily increasing.

Americans have particularly been eating more chicken, turkey, vegetable oils, fresh and processed fruits, cheese and processed potato products.

The prices of food eaten in restaurants and purchased at the market has moved up, with red meats and eggs having increased the most last year. Fresh fruit prices actually went down. Another factor in food prices was that the proportion of income that Americans spent for food dropped last year. A further drop is expected in 1970.

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