90 Years Ago

Apr. 18, 1930

Moving Picture Interests Sold

M.A. Manning this week sold his moving picture interests in Baldwin to H. E. Boch of Glenwood City. Mr. Boch expects to open his movie business here in the near future.

He hopes to be able to install talking pictures but does not feel able to do this unless Sunday movies are allowed. At this time, Hammond, River Falls, Spring Valley, New Richmond, Menomonie, in fact most every place in the state have Sunday movies.

200 LBS. of Honey Found in Roof

Stevens Point, WI.- C.M. Radley of Wild Rose actually had a roof of honey right over his head, although he didn’t know it until this week when he prepared to re-shingle his home. Among the rafters, he found more than 200 lbs. of honey stored away by two colonies of bees. The bees were smoked out and the honey, in good condition and of excellent flavor was removed.

65 Years Ago

Apr. 14, 1955

Polio Vaccine

The greatest medical news released in years is being given nation wide publicity this week. It is the fact that the Salk Polio Vaccine works- that it is safe, effective and potent and that the anti-paralysis power is rated at 80% to 90%. St. Croix County will vaccinate over a thousand children in the first and second grades free of charge during the next two months.

60 Years Ago

Apr. 21, 1960

Four Townships Purchase Water Tanker

Baldwin, Hammond, Rush River and Erin townships recently joined together to purchase the new tanker.

The truck chassis is a used 2 ½ ton Ford 750. The tank was constructed by Jim Wernlund and has a capacity of 1,060 gallons of water. A portable pump mounted to the truck will enable firemen to fill their firetruck, fill the tanker from a river or pond and fight fires directly from the tanker.

The new tanker is a big step forward in providing better fire protection for rural areas.

10 Years Ago

Apr. 13, 2010

New Postmaster in Baldwin

Baldwin has a new postmaster. Rondell Hybben, who goes by Ron, started at work in Baldwin on Tues. Apr. 6. Hybben has extensive United States Postal Service experience. “I’m happy to be here and looking forward to a long tenure as the postmaster in Baldwin,” said Hybben.

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