News items from the Baldwin Bulletin dated Wednesday, June 23, 1993

Howard Murphy, for many years the “auction man” at the First National Bank of Baldwin, has sold his home and outbuildings in Spring Valley and he and his wife Irene will be moving to a duplex in Baldwin.

The creek that flows through Woodville rose well over the South Side Drive roadway on the south side of the village Thursday morning after the rainfall of more than two inches that fell Wednesday night and into Thursday. The current of the overgrown creek was strong enough to push a car from the roadway several hundred yards downstream. The driver of the car, Jonathon M. Lockerby, was able to escape through the window and was unhurt.

The recently completed Contour Plastics, Inc. facility in Baldwin’s industrial park, will be the site of an open house for members of the community on June 16. The building contains a total of 13,00 square feet of floor space, with 10,000 square feet devoted to production and the remainder to offices. Owners of the business are Barry Grant and Mark Sturtevant.

Jim and Alice Graslie and their family invited their friends and relatives to help celebrate their 50 years of marriage on June 27 at the Red Rooster.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ron Nawrocki, a son, June 8; Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Terpstra, a son, June 19.

Karol Afdahl was crowned Miss Hammond. First Princess is Amy Usiak and Second Princess and Miss Congeniality is Sara Rivard.

Members of the B-W girls Jr. High track team include Laura Sittlow, Missy Smith, Kristin Brathol, Laura Hanson, Christine Bazille, Krista Hanson, Dana Begalke, Abbey Berger, Hannah Schaffner, Michelle Hillstead, Dejah Bourn, Andrew Monicken, Monica Engh, and Sarah Lease.

Members of the B-W boys Jr. High track team include Eric Papp, Tim Dibona, Scott Lokker, Bryce Springborn, Tim Helgeson, Tony Lynum, Mike Williamson, Jeremy Freeland, Luke Steele, Jacob Benson, Dan Larson, Brad Newton, Nick Davis, Dave McCormack, Ron Freeland, Darren Soderberg, Wade Iverson, Jesse Benson, Jeremy Gedatus, Jared Liston, Tracy Peterson, Adam Wall, Jeff Gartmann, Chris Heebink, Marty Peterson, Justin Moulton, and Tim Williamson.

50 Years Ago Thursday, June 27, 1968

A very impressive ceremony was held at the Pine Lake Park on Monday evening, June 10 at which a Court of Honor was held to present the Eagle Scout Award in Boy Scouting to Kim Fellinger, son of Mrs. Freida Fellinger.

Miss Patricia Hamilton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Hamilton and SP5 Thomas Klund, son of Mrs. Ralph Klund of Hudson, were married on Tuesday, June 18 in the post chapel at Fort Derussey in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Gene Rice, former Baldwinite now living in Eau Claire, is making a fine recovery after suffering a severe heart attack about three weeks ago.

A drive to raise funds for expansion of the local hospital is underway. Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Rich of Haney Associates, a fund raising company, will direct the campaign.

Work is just getting underway on the excavating for three more new homes in Baldwin. Wesley Bols and Vernon Youngs are to build and Eugene Nelson is to build a home for sale.

George R. Field, a vice president of the University of Wisconsin was named President of Wisconsin State University-River Falls by the Board of Regents.

The lightning of last Thursday night struck pretty close to home when it struck and killed a steer on the Herman Heebink farm, a mile south of Baldwin.

Hammond’s Fourth of July celebration will get underway with a queen’s dinner at the Coachman Supper Club. The new queen will be crowned later in the evening by her predecessor, Sue Jacobs.

75 Years Ago Friday, June 25, 1943

Mrs. Agnes McKernon, mother of Mrs. Sam Thompson, Baldwin, and Wm. McKernon of Erin, passed away last week.

“Bill” Fleming, 71, a life long resident of St. Croix County and Register of Deeds for many years, passed away Sunday, June 18.

John L. Bol has purchased the 80 acre farm now occupied by Isaac VandeVrede.

Miss Jean Snyder of the First National Bank, Baldwin, was elected Sec.-Treas. of the County Bankers Association.

H.D. “Hank” Tousley, Baldwin’s faithful and capable night cop, is leaving this week for Canada, where he has signed up for a defense job as telephone lineman.

The following local men were among the last group who have been accepted into the Armed Forces: Bernard Norwick, Robert Eggen and Floyd Fouks.

Jens Jorgensen Jensen of Hammond, born in Demark, passed away at the Madison General Hospital, June 21.

Mrs. Helen Peterson, Hammond, announces the marriage of her daughter Doris to Mr. Henry Clancy of Detroit, Michigan, June 12, 1943.

An interesting and well-written letter was published from S/Sgt. Everett Boldt, now stationed in Camp Hood, Texas, and with the Tank Destroyers unit.

100 Years Ago June 21, 1918

Lt. Ed Swenson is in a hospital in France with wounds above and below one of his knees, which he received when a shell exploded near him while he was in charge of a company of men in the front lines.

Floyd Klanderman is carrying the mail on route three while Mr. and Mrs. Vanderbush are on vacation.

A service flag was dedicated at the Woodside Church Sunday with seventeen stars on it, honoring the following servicemen: Andrew Throndson, Joe Throndson, Wilmer Forsythe, Sherman Forsythe, Fred Rasmuson, Ed Rasmuson, Arnold Peterson, Victor Peterson, Emil Wolden, Ingvald Solstad, Emil Torgerson, Oluf Ramberg, Ingvald Moby, Bennie Larson, Albert Peterson and Julius Peterson.

On Saturday, June 15 at 10:30 a.m., occurred the death of Mrs. Mary Lee Reiton at her home in Rush River.

Baldwin markets: wheat, $2.08; oats, 72¢; rye, $1.70; barley, $70¢; flax, $3.50; butter, 38¢; eggs, 29¢.

Fred Holmes returned Saturday from Madison where he has been attending the University of Wisconsin.

Miss Belle Thompson returned Wednesday afternoon from Janesville, where she has been teaching school.

A telegram was received here Wednesday evening from Spartanburg, N.C., stating that John F. Gravink, who recently joined he army, is seriously ill with appendicitis.

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