At this point I think we can all agree on how terrible our current president is doing at his job. Sure, we all get a few extra dollars in our paychecks, there are a few more jobs available out there, but at what cost, we all hate each other. This is his doing, not Obama's or anyone else, it's this terrible president. Your President.

Bernie Sanders is not the extremist people think he is. The man wants medical care of all, he wants free college tuition and tuition forgiveness, ban all AR style weapons, legalize marijuana on a federal level. Now, on the service you might think that's a hefty order, but in today's economics we have the ability. Canada pays almost half the taxes that a US citizen spends on health care, per capita, meaning their population is taken into account. Bernie will tax Wall Street to pay for tuition forgiveness, we can remove weapons that have no basis in modern society, and the government can tax marijuana which has become a billion dollar industry in the states that allow it.

Bernie is the man for the job, not a president who sits on twitter like a 13 year old girl. Drain the swamp, yeah right!

Now, this might not mean much to the readers of this paper, but to those of us 35 years or younger with an actual future, it does. Get over your insecurities, for the good of America.


Corbin Sobottka

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