April was another record setting month for the Baldwin Bulletin online. 

We had over 40,000 page views for the month, eclipsing the record from last month. 

Once again, COVID-19 dominated the headlines as two different versions of Western Wisconsin Health announcing it had its first COVID-19 case accounted for over 5,600 page views. 

I get the reaction and response and the unanswered questions. Who was it? How did they get it? How far along are they in the quarantine process? How many cases in the County have recovered (I can say that wasn’t done in the beginning, but now, it has been. As of May 6, St. Croix County has had 23 positive cases with 12 of those recovered.)  

I tried getting those questions from public health officials, but was unsuccessful. I knew the Who would be impossible, but I thought the how would be obtainable. 

With the news Western Wisconsin Health is going to be a free testing site on May 8 (and River Falls, the following day) with one of the goals being how much COVID-19 is in western Wisconsin communities, shows this is going to stick around for longer than what we think.  

The second highest viewed story was burning permits being suspended with over 2,600 page views. A popular topic for sure at this time of the year.  

The third highest viewed story was the news the Baldwin Subway was temporarily closing, but reopening later this summer in a different location. Two different versions of that story garnered over 2,400 page views. 

Local, local, local. That’s what hopefully you, the reader, are getting from this paper every week. News that affects you. It doesn’t get much more than a popular fast-food eatery closing and moving to a different location. 

Furthermore, as it was said from a Facebook commenter: This move seems like a win-win. Subway gets a new, expanded location with a drive-thru and Kwilk Trip will expand its store into that space to provide more options for the customer. 

The number five spot (the second version of the Western Wisconsin Health COVID-19 case was number four) was a continuation from March about Pierce County Public Health urging caution in the Ellsworth area with over 1,280 page views.  


A few thanks are also worth mentioning:

— Thank a teacher as this week is Teacher Appreciation Week. I’ve been burned more than once, when it comes to speaking for other people, but when it comes to this matter, I think I”m pretty safe: The last couple of months has given us, the non-teacher, a deeper appreciation on what teachers have to deal with on a daily basis. 

— Thank a nurse as May 6 was National Nurses Day as the start for National Nurses Week. Given today’s current climate, do I need to expand anymore on the why? 

— Thank your Mom as May 10 is Mother’s Day. They’ve put up a lot over the years and they are your biggest fans, even when you are a teenager or in your 40’s. 

— Thank you, the reader. When I started in October, the Bulletin had less than 800 likes on Facebook. We cracked the 1,000 mark this past week. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it and I have no intention of fixing this. 

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