Democrats never let a crisis go to waste and this flu-like virus is being used as the opportunity to see just how far the various tyrant governors can go to subdue a free society. Enough! We all need to rise up and tell these leaders to pound sand.

Ruining the lives and livelihoods of a great percentage of a state’s residents in order to save a comparative few is not just silly - it’s inhumane and crushing our economic system to the point of bankruptcy. They don’t care.

Compare the state of South Dakota to ours. That governor took steps to mitigate the threat but did not lock down the entire state. Businesses and workers continue, and their residents are not anywhere near the same financial and economic straits as those in our state. We can still maintain certain precautions against any illness but not be imprisoned by the suspension of Constitutional rights regarding free travel and association. 

This must end - and end now!! Take a few minutes and call, email or text governor Evers and make your voices heard, firmly and loudly. 

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