They say there is always two sides to a coin.

The letter promoting ethanol production seems logical and beneficial, but around 2007 a friend and customer at my garage showed me a different light on the subject. This now dead customer named Sam Nooger from Hudson, who help developed the WWII flight simulator (which saved precious fuel) visited the ethanol refinery over by Boyceville. He questioned the manager about how much propane they used to dry the corn to make ethanol. Having run some figures it appeared that more propane was being used that superseded the energy that came from final product ethanol!

The manager said, "Well I am government subsidized so what's your problem?" Hmmm smell a rat? What do you heat your home with? I’m propane! Cannot think of any other country which uses ethanol in their gasoline? Somebody help me here, the countries I visited with high gas prices (England, Ireland, New Zealand, Costa Rica, etc…) would not dare uses this ethanol because maximum fuel mileage is always better with straight gasoline. Thank you for right to speak through print.

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