I never knew my grandfather. He died in 1918. His death certificate said “cause of death pneumonia” but in reality, it was the Flu Pandemic. He worked in the Chicago stock yards where 80% of his coworkers also died. 
My mother and father both lived in poverty through the Great Depression. With little education they survived, built a family business and became part of the greatest generation. They were not selfish, they had unwavering hope, they shared and pulled together.
When I see people protesting Governor Evers’s “Safer at home” directive I am appalled. Have we become so self-centered and short sighted that protesters cannot realize we will get through this? We will rebuild and be stronger for it but first we must live, we must survive. 
We are now faced with a crumbling economy. In the Great Depression there were no stimulus payments to individuals or loan/grants to small business, yet they survived. We are far better equipped today to meet this challenge.
There was limited science to understand the 1918-1919 Flu Pandemic that killed 50,000,000 people worldwide. Whereas today we know how to social distance and beat this virus.
If we look forward, we can see a Covid19 vaccine on the horizon. We can see a greater emphasis on health care. We can have a greater appreciation for teachers and education. We will rebuild the quality of life we had and make it better.

John Krizek


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