A few things from the last month:


I was one of the select few who attended a listening session State Sen. Patty Schachtner and Department of Health Services Secretary Andrea Palm had with area caregivers last month at Western Wisconsin Health.

Caregivers shared their stories about the peaks and valleys (mainly valleys) about caring for their loved ones as Schachtner and Palm are members of the recently established Governor’s Task Force on Caregiving.

Walking out of there, the first thought was holy cow. The emotional, physical and financial toll these caregivers took was unbelievable. More relief, appreciation and understanding should be given towards them for doing a thankless job.

Which leads me to the second point: More often than not, I heard the word dementia being the disease that afflicted their love ones. How do you care for a person who sometimes doesn’t even remember who you are?

Career Fair

I don’t know about the students, but I sure enjoyed the Greenfield Elementary Career Fair last month.

For those between the ages of eight to 10, to hear what life could be like as a pilot, nurse, farming, radio or even a politician or Judge would have been so cool, at least to me. It broke up the regular day-to-day routine for children and adults as well.

A Monday Night to forget

After bringing Hannah back from physical therapy, I turned off our GMC Acadia and the rear vents/blowers were still running. It had happened before, so I wasn’t too concerned at first.

I tried what I did that time and it didn’t work. Tried more tricks and it was still running.

This was after 7 p.m., so no auto repair place would be open.

Faced with the option of waiting for the battery to die at our home or at a repair shop, it was an easy call, so we drove it down to the repair shop. The good thing is we got the vehicle back Tuesday afternoon with a new blower motor resistor in place.

The frustrating thing about all of this was less than a month ago we had the alternator in it replaced. What do they say? Bad luck comes in threes. I hope not.

A Monday Night to forget, part II

I’m Facebook friends with someone who lives in Osceola. She posted on her page Monday night she received word from the Osceola School District, schools there were closed Tuesday due to an individual who attended Destination Imagination had contracted the coronavirus.

Well, that’s certainly news, I thought. At least put it on our Facebook page, so the public is aware, for those who weren’t.

The question was then asked if Baldwin-Woodville students were in attendance. I looked on the school’s website where I usually looked to where it comes to travel and events and I didn’t see it. So, I replied with no.

It didn’t take long for people to respond with, um, yeah, B-W students were there.

And after checking the website I should’ve checked in the first place (the D-I website itself), it showed Baldwin-Woodville was in attendance.

My fault. Lesson learned for next time.

Trivia time

File this under information I didn’t know: Theodore Roosevelt was the first U.S. President to call it the White House. Before then it had been called the “President’s House”, the “President’s Palace” and the “Executive Mansion”.

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