Notes from the Garden

Gardens take time. By that I mean they take time to establish and flourish. This past Saturday, my husband and I toured three gardens, all of which have obviously been established for a long time.

The gardens were part of the Botany Belles and Beaus Garden Club tour, which featured five area gardens. We had time to visit three of them and they were fantastic!

Our first stop was in Woodville at the garden of Debby Walters. She told us that her garden began with a few plants from her grandma in the early 1980s. Now her garden has expanded to two lots and has the feel of a spectacular park. Daylilies are her favorite and many varieties were in bloom. The garden contains a little bit of everything: sedums, coral bells, hostas, phlox, milkweed, lilies, etc. Debby’s garden goals are color, habitat and having fun in the process.

Gay Froeschle’s garden south of Wilson was our next stop. She started with a little round circle perennial garden in 1988 and now has over an acre of gardens. It was a pleasure to walk the winding garden trails and enjoy the whimsical art works throughout. Gay’s husband helps out and makes metal bird sculptures for the garden. Her garden goal is constant color during the growing season. Her Orienpet lilies steal the show during July. Gay explained the orienpet lily a cross between Oriental and Trumpet lilies. The result is a very hardy lily, she added.

Finally we stopped at Dorene Deiss’ garden further south of Wilson. The yard is hidden from the road by woods, and when one enters the driveway an explosion of color greets the visitor. Dorene started gardening 41 years ago with a huge vegetable garden and a few flowers. As her passion for flowers has grown, she has added many perennials and lots of hydrangeas. Dorene dries many of her flowers to use in arrangements.

I wish we had time to tour the rest of the gardens, namely those of Dr. Earl and Elvera Jacot in Baldwin and Clarice Fern north of Baldwin. I have visited Jacot’s before and am sure it was looking extra special spectacular for this tour put on the garden club.

Yes, gardens take time. All the gardens we visited were started 30 to 40 years ago and the results are fantastic. Whenever a garden is started, if it is nurtured it will give the gardener much joy over time.

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