Jason Schulte, Editor

There are some weeks in which the 450-600 words needed to fill this space can come to me like a snap. Then, there are others in which I rack my brain for thoughts and all I can come up with is jibberish.

I’m somewhere in the middle this week.

Rest in Peace 

In this line of work, you never know what to expect when you post something on social media. There was some discussion within the Bulletin office about the news on Nancy Fennern’s surprising death last week. When red and yellow ribbons started appearing on the light posts, it didn’t take long to figure out it was done in her honor especially hearing before that she died.

I got confirmation it was done in honor or remembrance of her, but without the official memorial or death notice from the funeral home, something didn’t seem right to me.

I’m paraphrasing this, but this opinion, was the determining factor for me: ‘We are in the news gathering/news information business. Someone is going to drive down Main Street and wonder what’s the ribbons all about?”

So, with a picture and a short description, the pictured appeared on our website and Facebook page. We got more people leaving comments of condolences than I thought was possible, alleviating all my fears about posting it.

Rest in Peace, Nancy, Baldwin and the surrounding area will miss you.

Other thoughts

It was easy to come up with that part, the rest of this space was becoming more difficult.

We took Archie, our dog to a grooming salon in the Twin Cities Sunday. I was told the overall appointment was fine, but when they tried clipping his nails, it didn’t go well. He got anxious and made life difficult for them.

I’ve been told/read/heard you are never supposed to compare your children. They are each different and unique in their special way. You know the rest.

When it comes to dogs, it’s a different story.

Our first dog, Casey, was a pure Black Lab and he was the first dog I was really around on a daily basis. He spoiled us rotten, because it seemed like nothing fazed him. He was so happy to have us home at the end of the day. All he wanted was to do was go on walks or play with a stupid tennis ball the last half of his life. At least that’s what I remember.

Don’t get me wrong, Archie, has had his good moments since he became ours in April 2020. He’s not even two years old yet; all this means is additional training. Yet, it’s something we never had to deal with in the 14 years we had Casey.

This Week in History

On Oct. 11, 1975, the first episode of Saturday Night Live appeared. The guest host was comedian George Carlin with special guests Janis Ian and Billy Preston.

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