The reason, I know we are getting to the end of the summer movie season, is that we finally have our shark movie out in theaters. It has seemed over the last couple of years that the movie studios are fishing for another surprise hit about one of the Earth’s perfect eating machines, the shark. I was surprised to hear that this year’s contender for new shark thriller was going to be the frustrating piece of trash sequel to 47 Meters Down. Don’t get me wrong, 47 meters down which details two sisters being trapped on the ocean floor in a shark cage surrounded by sharks had its moments. However, the ending of the movie completed ruined the whole experience for me and showed how bad Johannes Roberts was with plot. The interesting thing about 47 Meters Down was that it was supposed to be a direct to DVD type of Movie but for some reason a film company decided to release it into theaters. Worldwide 47 Meters Down grossed about 62 million dollars which is not a ton of money, but the film’s budget was only 5 million dollars. These types of numbers in Hollywood means there has to be a sequel and so 47 Meters Down: Uncaged was produced.

Johannes Roberts has been brought back to direct and write the sequel, which means if you though the first one was bad, the second one is going to be worse. Johannes Roberts and his writing partner Riera don’t disappoint. The plot for this movie is just plain awful. I get you have to suspend your disbelief when you go see a movie but this one was so illogical that it made certain events very confusing. It is really bad when you don’t understand the relationship between the stars of the movie. If you can’t execute a introduction, how in the world do you expect to write a scene that has emotional impact. Spoilers alert they don’t. 47 Meters Done: Uncaged is not a continuation of the characters from the first movie. We get a whole new cast of characters who are even blander if that is possible from the first movie. The story revolves around sisters Mia, played by Sophie Nelisse, and Sasha, Corinne Foxx, who get trapped in an old Mayan Temple that is occupied with a unique form of deadly sharks. There is no character development because the characters are so one dimensional, they basically play a trait. The most interesting things about the actors in this movie is that you have two big name stars kids in this movie. Jamie Foxx’s daughter is indeed one of the leads in the movie and Sistine Stallone is also in the movie as well, daughter of Sylvester Stallone.

To give Johannes some credit for the first movie, he did direct the movie to give us at brief times a claustrophobic and tension view point. This time, we are treated to shots that are mostly bubbles in blurry backgrounds. In the original 47 Meters Down, there were some good moments of tension and dread. I didn’t feel like we had any of that in this movie. For the most part it felt like Johannes had forgotten how to direct and we are left with a lot of unsatisfying jump scares.

The unfortunate part about this film is that we are probably going to get another sequel for this franchise because the budget for this movie was only 12 million dollars and it has almost made that back on its opening weekend. I think that is the most terrifying thing about this movie.

Overall I give this movie a D- (A Really Below Average Movie). Don’t waster your money on this one. It has bad writing, directing, and acting. There are a couple of scenes that were entertaining but the rest of the movie is so illogical and poorly shot that it makes Jaws 4 look like Academy Award Best picture material.

47 Meters Down: Uncaged is rated PG-13 for sequences of intense peril, bloody images, and brief short language. Johannes Roberts, who also helped write the screenplay with Ernest Riera, directed it. This film stars Sophie Nelisse, Corinne Foxx, and Brianne Tju .

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