I’ll admit I don’t have enough information or material on one topic to fill 650 words, so this week’s column is going to be sprinkled with a smorgasbord of materials.

I spent all of Tuesday morning and the afternoon at Gillette’s Children’s Specialty Healthcare in St. Paul as my youngest daughter had to have surgery to have some metal removed. I’ll say it once, I’ll say it until I’m blue in the face: If your child is in need of medical help, whether it’s surgery or therapy, just go there. The doctors and nurses are top-notch, the non-medical team do their best to make the stay as enjoyable as possible for your child and the technological advances there are out of this world.

And here’s maybe the best thing about it: It’s less than an hour away. We take it for granted. As I wrote before, when she had her first surgery, which required her to stay there for five weeks, we met with people from all across this country, who had to fly in. All we had to do is to deal with the travails of traffic on Interstate-94.

I’ve heard more than once, especially during the winter months, why do we live here? The typical response is you choose where you live. When it comes to top-notch medical care for your children, I’m glad I do

Go Pack Go

I’m a Minnesota Viking fan first and foremost and 99.9 percent of the time, a smile usually comes across my face when I hear or see the Green Bay Packers lose.

However, if the Vikings win on Saturday in San Francisco, I’ll likely be saying the words on Sunday, “Go Pack Go”.

If both teams win this weekend, they’ll be playing in the NFC Championship with the winner going to the Super Bowl.

How much fan would it be for both fan bases if that could occur? Green Bay already beat one of their biggest rivals (Chicago) to advance to the Super Bowl in 2010, now there’s a chance to do it again? You don’t think they would want that, especially, because it would be another home playoff game.

As for the Vikings, beating their biggest rival on their field with a chance for the Super Bowl? I think so.

What this means is it’ll likely be San Francisco versus Seattle instead.

$46 million

Various national media outlets reported this week Ikea has agreed to pay $46 million to the parents of a California toddler who died when one of the company’s dressers tipped onto him.

Multiple questions started popping in my head when I first heard about this. How was this amount reached? What would the family do with this money?

One answer was reports say the family is donating $1 million of the settlement to organizations that advocate to protect kids from unsafe products.

How about this question -- What would you do with that amount? My first thought was it feels like blood money. If this happened to me, all I could think about was my child died because of this and it wouldn’t feel right to spend it or spoil yourself with the latest “toys” one could have. Make sure your family and your future family are set, that’s it.

What state drinks the most alcohol per capita

According to data from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, New Hampshire comes in first with 4.76 gallons of alcohol per capita. The Newsweek article also states, New Hampshire’s neighbors may be drawn to the state because the state has no sales tax.

And just for curiosity’s sake, Wisconsin was 8th and Minnesota took 14th.

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