People from all over Wisconsin have been abuzz about “gerrymandering” and fair maps for over a year. Voters and county boards from 56 counties have passed referendums and/or resolutions demanding a fair, nonpartisan process be established for redistricting that is now underway. Hundreds of state citizens and community organizations have submitted proposed congressional, legislative and community of interest maps to the People’s Maps Commission (PMC). The PMC recently released and invited public input on a set of draft maps that will lead to the release of their final proposal later this month.

Now you have one last chance help Wisconsin get fair maps. After the 2020 Census data was released in mid-August, the Wisconsin legislature opened its own online redistricting map portal and asked citizens to submit their map ideas for new districts and communities of interest. The website explains how to use the mapping tools. The opportunity to submit a map ends Friday, Oct. 15.

How can you submit a map of your own? Go online to and click on Submit a Plan. You can draw and submit a district map for the whole state or just your congressional or state assembly/senate district. You can also draw a “community of interest” map that shows any area large or small that affects you. 

So don’t delay. Make a map right away!

For more information about redistricting and fair maps, check out or

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