Another week or two go by and more and more businesses close, never to reopen.

More and more people are becoming destitute and desperate to resume some vestige of normalcy. Bankruptcies will skyrocket. Entire families will face total ruin. But does our Governor Evers give a damn? Short answer - NO! Any sane, rational leader would never sacrifice an entire state’s economy and violate citizens’ rights in order to “save just one life” as liberal mouthpieces all seem to wail in unison. 

One report on the news this day indicates that suicide rates have climbed quickly due to the stress of financial strains, lack of social interactions and from increases substance abuse. Crisis centers across the nation are experiencing two and three times the volume of incoming calls related to the shutdowns. 

People have a brain. They can decide for themselves if/when they want to go back to work.. Business owners can decide if/when and how they want to reopen. If some workers are in the health threat category and wish to stay home, fine. It’s not up to government to determine whether or not individuals may exercise their inalienable rights under the Constitution. 

Governor Evers is Wisconsin’s worst governor in my lifetime. He’s determined to exercise some real, but mostly invented (and thoroughly illegal) power over the people.

I, for one, refuse to comply.

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