On Saturday, May 2, I had a senior moment and absentmindedly left my wallet in a shopping cart at Nilssen’s SuperValu in Baldwin.

I didn’t notice it was missing until early Monday morning and, of course, I panicked. Then I remembered the last piece I had it was at Nilssen’s on Saturday.

My wife went to the store and, lo and behold, an employee had found my wallet in the cart and turned it into the office for safekeeping. When she asked for the name of the employee with the intent of leaving a reward for this very honest person, she was told, “No, that’s not necessary. We’re only glad it was found.”

So, unknown Nilssen’s employee, thank you for your honesty and integrity.

Although we already buy most of our groceries at Nilssen’s, from now on, we will buy all of our groceries there in appreciation of their dedicated employees. You deserve this shout out!

Mike R. Bondarenko


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