Community members of all ages are invited to a unique performance to come listen to music, play Quidditch, and learn about nature. You’ll be regularly inspired, learn new things you can use, make your dreams a reality, learn about God, have nerdy and poetic conversations, have fundraisers for causes important to you in the community, and most importantly make Baldwin-Woodville one hundred percent committed to protecting nature. We cannot heal nature until we heal ourselves and find happiness in creative ways with limited money, resources, time, and mental health awareness. Come see original alternative rock music with lyrics that make you think.

I started a Sunrise movement hub here; it’s an environmental organization stopping the planet’s destruction, halting species extinction, and creating jobs to make this possible. In August, representatives vote on the Green New Deal. This will create one hundred percent renewable energy in the country. Join my hub if you want to go on nature adventures and fight alongside me!

My long-term vision is to do different events every week, with different activities! First, everyone will be updated on our progress. We’ll then play music, have deep conversations and regroup, learn new skills which others are welcome to perform, play a game and go on missions, and go on an adventure to celebrate our progress and end the night.

The list of activities is: animal and plant communication, knowing God, discussions and action on mental health, self-defense, comedy, ancient knowledge, nature adventures, a Nature Survival Games where Baldwin and Woodville compete on protecting the environment or where citizens can compete with themselves on this, things to teach your children on your own and ways to take action without a fancy education, learning about the species going extinct and parts of ourselves that are and how to save them, speaking on Ted talks together on our different missions, our own radio station, and our own YouTube channel. I already have a YouTube channel called “Journey Through the Stars with Mother Nature.” Our music is on our Facebook page “Lunes Prophecies.”

I will plan events once I hear from more people! Let’s begin before the summer is over! Contact me at 715-577-5386 or e-mail me at

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