I think it is safe too say that we have officially entered the fall/Halloween/horror season with our first blockbuster candidate It Chapter 2. The first film, It, featured a rag tag group of kids, who called themselves the Loser Club, that defeats a monster who only appears every 27 years. Unfortunately, they only defeated the monster and didn’t destroy it. In our latest film we have been brought back to Derry, Maine where strange things are happening, and people are going missing. The kids are 27 years older and must now destroy the monster or the monster will kill them off one by one.

Honestly, I was sort of happy where the last film left us. I really enjoyed the acting from all the young actors/actresses in the first film. It felt like the right length and was just an overall good movie especially for a Stephen King adaption. I say this because Stephen King is a good writer in my opinion, but his books rarely make good films because his books deal with a lot of internal thoughts and feelings, which are hard to reproduce on a visual media like film.

This film, It Chapter 2, was not as good as the first one. The biggest reason for me is the run time at 169 min, that is almost a three hour movie. I could forgive that insane run time if the movie was very compelling and entertaining through these three hours, but to be honest it felt like a chore. Gary Dauberman’s screenplay to me feels very bloated like he is trying to be too faithful to the book. I think if they would have cut about 45 minutes out of this film, it would have been a lot tighter and more tension filled. Another decision that I think hampered the film was how much it intercut between present times and times from the past. It was very confusing for us the audience to know when the events were taking place in the past, because Dauberman did a poor job of writing these scenes.

Like the first movie one of the highlights of this series of film for me was the acting, the actors they picked to play the grown up version of the kids from the first movie are well chosen. I think they did a wonderful job and I believe if they hadn’t done such a good job this film could have easily been a lot worse than it was. Again, I would like to point out James McAvoy well done performance and he is worth the price of admission alone.

Overall, I give this movie a B- (A Good Movie). In order to understand this film’s narrative and characters it would be wise to have watched the first movie, It. Like most sequels, I feel that It Chapter 2 is not as good as the previous movie because there is not a lot of new twists and turns. I felt the characters were more compelling and interesting as kids versus their grown up versions, which this movie deals with the latter more than the former. The actors they have in this film do a great job with their roles; I just feel that they don’t have as much material to work with. One of the other things that was less compelling about this movie was its very long run time. This film should have been a lot shorter and more focused. For all of its’ faults, if you saw the first one and if you want to see what happens next, I would go see this one, just be prepared to sit for a long time.

It Chapter 2 is rated R for disturbing violent content and bloody images throughout, pervasive language, and some crude sexual material. Andy Muschietti directed while Gary Dauberman wrote the screen play. This film stars Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, and Bill Hader.

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