One of my favorite songs has been “New York Minute” by Don Henley because I’ve always liked Don Henley, and the combination of lyrics and melody can’t be beat in my opinion.

With the COVID-19 news engulfing the country, it’s not hard to think about that song over the last few days.

Monday, March 9, this was sent to my email from the St. Croix Central School District with the news an individual who attended Destination Imagination at Osceola High School contracted COVID-19, where SCC students were as well:

Spending time in the same environment as persons known to have COVID-19 is considered to represent a low risk of exposure to the virus. While the risk to others is considered low, we cannot know for sure that there is absolutely no risk.

Thursday, March 12, Central administration sent the email:

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services has recommended all non-essential large group gatherings be postponed or canceled up until Spring Break, which starts on March 20. All other activities are proceeding, per health department recommendations, as scheduled unless communicated.

One day later, at 4:02 p.m., parents got this email:

“SCC leadership is collaboratively planning for possible school closure. It could possibly happen in the next 24 hours or 24 days. The educated guess we are hearing from the health department experts is a 30-day closure to accommodate two 14-day cycles of the virus.”

One hour later, Central parents were forwarded a news release about Gov. Evers’ mandate to close schools.

“Closing our schools is not a decision I made lightly, but keeping our kids, our educators, our families, and our communities safe is a top priority as we continue our work to respond to and prevent further spread of COVID-19 in Wisconsin,” said Gov. Evers.

Saturday, March 14 at 1:39 p.m., Central parents received the latest email about the school closure news and with Central’s plans for the next three days. No school for students on Monday, students were to report on Tuesday and at-home learning is scheduled to start on Wednesday. The e-mail further states breakfast and lunch items will be provided door-to-door via van routes to cover dates school would have been in session (March 18, 19, 30, 31 and April 1, 2, 3).

Then, finally, on March 17, came even more news in the latest email:

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction is waiving the minimum required hours of instruction. As of today, the last day of school is still scheduled for June 4. Furthermore, the latest order from Gov. Evers’ states public schools “shall remain closed for the duration of the public health emergency or until a subsequent order lifts this specific restriction.”

I can attest the Baldwin-Woodville School District sent out similar emails during this duration, but since Hannah attends St. Croix Central Elementary, these are the email I was given.

And I know, there were more to the emails than what was listed above. After reading them multiple times, I highlighted the key excerpts to make my point:

“In a New York minute, everything can change.”

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