For an opportunity to get out of the house and to enjoy Mother’s Day, as a family we went mini-golfing in Taylors Falls Sunday.

As I was struggling to come up with ideas for this week’s topic, it was suggested to me to do a comparison between golf and mini-golf, since I was told I like to do both (which I do).

Therefore, here goes nothing.

Personal enjoyment: I’ve played golf for a long time. One of the most average questions a golfer gets asked is, “Have you ever had a hole-in-one?”. I haven’t. The closest I ever came to a hole-in-one was about six inches away on about a 150-yard-hole.

There’s part of me that looks at mini golf like putting (minus playing the ball off a wall, for example.) I had three holes-in-one Sunday including one playing the ball off a wall perfectly. Maybe, because I haven’t had a hole-in-one yet or maybe because there’s other obstacles to achieve while playing golf besides putting, I’d give golf the edge in this one.

Family enjoyment: I’m going to be contradicting myself on this one, but hear me out. Despite what some people say, hitting a golf ball where you want it to go (or hope it can go) takes a lot of practice and skill. Anyone can do mini-golf. The rest of the members in my family aren’t golfers. They are mini-golfers. Finding a family activity that all four of us like to do and enjoy together is rare. Mini-golf is one of them. Mini-golf wins this one.

What causes the most frustration? This one’s easy. Speaking from personal experience, one bad hole in golf can wreck an entire round. Especially, when it wasn’t your fault. A shot could’ve hit a tree branch, your ball could’ve landed in a divot in the middle of the fairway, your putt goes off line because it hit a spike mark. Some things are out of your control and if you let them happen, the round can go south in a hurry. Or one could hit a bad shot simply by themselves and you get so angry with that shot, what started out as a promising round goes south quickly.

By yourself or with people? Does anyone enjoy a round of mini-golf by themselves? Or, a matter of fact, have you ever seen anyone go mini-golfing alone? I haven’t. Yes, golf, is more fun when you are with friends, but, I’ve golfed many rounds alone and liked it just as much if I’m golfing with others.

1990’s Movie Review

Not trying to take a page from Pastor Paul Backstrom, but with being in our homes for so much, the chance to watch back movies you haven’t seen in a while are becoming more and more frequent.

For example, 1997’s “Fools Rush In”, starting Matthew Perry and Salma Hayek, a movie we watched Tuesday night. For those who don’t remember, Perry plays a native New Yorker who moves to Las Vegas to help coordinate construction for a nightclub. He meets up with Hayek one night at a bar, the two spend the night together and she leaves before he wakes up. She comes back into his life, three months later, saying she is pregnant with his child. Riding the wave of emotion, Perry’s character suggests marriage and the two ride the subsequent rollercoaster, which includes Alex Whitman (Perry) going back to New York, but later realizing Isabel Fuentes (Hayek) was his one true love, despite the fact, he thought she suffered a miscarriage and there was no baby (which turned out to be fake).

This was during the height of “Friends”, so you can see Perry’s comedic skills at its best and Hayek plays a relatable character. There were several funny moments throughout the movie when Alex spends the day with Isabel’s male relatives, when Isabel’s father displays his anger that Isabel and Alex got married in a Vegas church without family and finally, when the parents meet each other for the first time.

Is it a movie that’s just as cute and funny now as compared to 23 years ago when it was first released? Yes.

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