Katie Bulera

Katie Bulera

90 Years Ago

Oct. 17, 1930

High School New Notes- Jokes

In Physics class- Now, you understand that heat expands matter and cold contracts it. Give me an example. Sophia N. – The days are long in the summer

“What is the antonym of day?” asked the teacher. “Night” replied the class in unison. “And the opposite of woe?” “Giddap” shouted the enthusiastic Juniors.

The English teacher told the class to write a brief theme on the subject “Baseball”. Pearl Moe’s paper- Rain; no game.

80 Years Ago

Oct. 11, 1940

Wis. Farmer Degree

Harley Rudesill of Martell, and Harian Falde of Wildwood, hitchhiked to Madison Thursday of last week, where on Friday they were personally presented with the F.F.A. Wisconsin Farmers Degree by U. of Wis. Representatives. The two above mentioned boys are the first two Spring Valley high school graduates to be given the Wis. Farmer Degree.

70 Years Ago

Oct. 12, 1950

Baldwin has Four School Buses

Aside from the two large buses that are driven by Allen Hanson and Leo Strain, a twenty-passenger bus and a ten-passenger suburban model bus have been added.

These two vehicles driven by Oscar Chillstrom and Adrian VanSomeren who have been using their private cars making two trips morning and afternoon to carry students. Mr. Nick Meyer has also been helping out with the use of his car for a high school run in his area. The vehicles have been delivered and started in operation this week.

50 Years Ago

Oct. 18, 1970

Punt, Pass and Kick

The six Punt, Pass and Kick winners from this area competed in Menomonie last Saturday for the right to enter further competition in the Ford Motor Co. contest. Competing in the event was Terry Weiss, Chuck Fedie, Marty Hawkins, James Kildahl, Jerry Homan, and Richard Holman. James Kildahl, son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kildahl won his 11-year-old division and will compete this Saturday at the Metropolitan Stadium in Bloomington.

40 Years Ago

Oct. 16, 1980

Good Buffer

An overstuffed chair helped prevent serious injury to Art Wiebernink in the propane explosion which occurred at his home two miles northeast of Hammond last Monday evening. Both Art and the chair were found by Greg Holzer and Ron Bonte halfway to the basement. The rescue squad and fire department aided in removing him from the home. Holzer was heading toward the home from the east when he saw the huge ball of flame which blew the house apart.

Art underwent surgery on Thursday to re-stitch the incision on his knee which was operated on about three weeks ago. He also suffered a fractured left foot but is recovering well at St. Paul Ramsey hospital.

10 Years Ago

Oct. 12, 2010

Army All-American Bowl

The official announcement came Tuesday afternoon, Oct. 5 at a rally-pep fest at BW High School, attended by hundreds of cheering fellow students. The selection of BW’s Jake Keefer to play in the nationally televised Army All-American Bowl in the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas on Saturday, Jan. 11th.

Keefer thanked his coaches, teachers and fellow football players and students for his success. He will join an elite group of All-Americans who will play in the annual east vs. west matchup.

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