90 Years Ago

Apr. 24, 1931

“House on Wheels”

Charlie Olson and Chris Hanson have just completed building the slickest outfit for summer vacationing ever built or owned by any people of Baldwin.

The outfit consists of a Ford truck on which they have built a big regular one room home away from home and have it equipped much nicer and more complete with all the modern conveniences, than many homes have.

Included in their home are curtains for the windows, and ice box and drain, bunks for six, electric lights, table, chairs, electric radio, an airtight heater and to head the list is a Baldwin Rod & Gun Club emblem on the front of the radiator.


70 Years Ago

Apr. 28, 1951

Big Stink

Marinette, WI.- Last fall when Charles Pederson’s pet de-odorized skunk disappeared, Pederson assured friends that the skunk had merely gone into hibernation.  Well, there was a skunk in Pederson’s back yard Thursday.  Pederson strode over delightedly and picked it up.  Wrong skunk.

60 Years Ago

May 4, 1961

Airport News

Neither of the occupants were seriously injured, but an airplane was badly damaged when it nosed upside down when attempting to land at the Baldwin airport Monday afternoon. Dr. Gutzler, owner of the plane and Edw. Jenkins, both of River Falls were landing here to pick up Dr. C.A. Olson and Lloyd Wright when the accident occurred.  Dr. Gutzler was treated for a cut on his forehead at the Baldwin Hospital and released.

The accident apparently happened when the nose wheel of the plane collapsed in landing.  The plane then dug a furrow in the ground before nosing over.

20 Years Ago

Apr. 24, 2001

From Baldwin to Boston

Greenfield Elementary Prinipal Gary Hoffman was one of the thousands of people who competed in the Boston Marathon on Monday, April 16.  Hoffman, who ran the race for the third time, completed the course in 3:28.

“I had a great time and we had wonderful weather,” said Hoffman.  Hoffman finished with a time right in between his previous two races.  In 1994 he finished in 3:27 “so I am getting older and I can still run it in about the same time,” he said.


10 Years Ago

Apr. 26, 2011

Windmill Piecemakers

Caleb Oosten of Baldwin was presented a quilt by Dee Van Someren, and Rachel Van Someren in appreciation for his service in Iraq while serving in the United States Army. 

The ladies made quilt presentation on behalf of the Windmill Piecemakers.  That group has given away about 40 quilts to members of the military who have served in a war zone.

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