I don’t buy much new. And when I do, I try to buy it at smaller local shops. There was one item that I just couldn’t find without heading to a big-box store. It was a light-up watch with a timer. I needed it for a job. I asked at three local stores and called three more before giving up and going to Walmart. 

As you know if you’ve read my column before, I am a big fan of supporting small businesses and small communities. We are lucky to have so many small shops close by. You can get hardware, clothing, and groceries all with relative ease without travelling outside of city limits. However, there are always those little necessities which just can’t be found in town. For that reason, I want to hear from readers. What have you looked for in town that you just can’t find? Where did you end up going? What do you wish was around?

Over the next few months, I’m hoping to develop a survey to look into this more deeply, but early thoughts and observations are welcome to help us get an idea of what people want, and where they’re going. 

Right now at the paper, after we wrapped up our sampling promotion, we are busy prepping for the next 12 months of special programs. We’re winding up for the school year, sports packages, fall shopping and experience opportunities, holiday editions, and a new professional service directory. It’s a busy time. So, we’re going to be taking this one step at a time. Your comments and ideas are welcome.

As always, you can find me between columns at the Baldwin Bulletin office on Main Street or email your thoughts to me sales@baldwin-bullletin.com.

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