April Ziemer

April Ziemer

Sometimes no matter how much we want something to be a good match, it just isn’t. People are always talking about trading things in for a newer model and this mid-forties mama recently discovered that maybe the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

It was love a first site a week ago when I walked into the T-Mobile store. I wanted to act on my feelings, but was unsure if I should, after all I had a husband and kids at home. The object of my affection was named Samsung Galaxy21. I didn’t know if I should mess around that day and seal the deal as mama usually puts herself last.

Apparently money doesn’t grow on trees and there are always things the kids need. My husband works hard and I would rather he treat himself, than me make a purchase for myself.

My relationship with my old phone had gone awry long ago. I kept trying to make it work to no avail. When I was at my office in Baldwin, it did not function at all. The storage was full on it and the old thing ran very slow. 

I knew I really needed a new phone, I watched for deals and I took the plunge. I justified it in my mind that it was for work purposes.

The honeymoon phase between us wore off real fast. There is nothing wrong with the phone per say. It is shiny and pretty with bells and whistles. It is everything it promised it would be and more. In fact, it is just too much for me. We are just not very compatible. I like old things. Why did I ever think something labeled as 21 would be a good fit? Even when I identified as 21, I liked older models...

Anyway, there is just too much to figure out. It has a face recognition thing and finger print option for security. I don’t need all that, I could care less if someone picked up my phone and looked through it. I hope while they are on there they are kind enough reply to any emails that come through. If it is in their hands when the reminder pops up to drive one of my kiddos to practice, it is on them to hop into the mini-van and deliver my precious cargo.

I have notifications pop up on it left and right. The other day I couldn’t figure out how to get one off of my screen. I told my daughter I was annoyed the phone didn’t come with a manual for me to look up trouble-shooting. She pointed out the phone itself was the manual. I could simply talk into it and ask Google any question I might have. Well aren’t she and Google quite the know-it-alls.

I have realized I am now dealing with a few issues. First, it is always hard to get used to something new. The older we get, the more set in our ways we become. Any change, even good change, can be difficult in the beginning.

Second, I have now announced to the world I am the not-so-proud owner of a new phone, which I guess means I no longer have the option to ignore certain calls when they come in and blame it on my aging rickety phone with a faulty ringer.

I miss my old phone. Even though our relationship in the end was dysfunctional, it was there for me through many good years. Many special text messages were sent and received and its camera captured many special memories, which did transfer to the new one. I had some old voice mails on the aged phone from people I would give anything to be able to call just one more time.

Going back to the old phone is not an option as I got rid of it. I will have to try to adjust to the new model. You know what they say, if you can’t be with the one you love, honey love the one your with.

I enjoy sharing my thoughts with you, and look forward to readers sharing their thoughts in return.

Feel free to email me at editor@theameryfreepress.com, write me at P.O. Box 424, Amery WI. 54001 or I can be reached by phone at 715-268-8101.

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