Do you remember when George W. Bush ran for president and agreed with the vast scientific evidence that humans are accelerating Earth’s warming? Remember when he vowed to work toward a solution?

As recently as 2008, Climate Change was not a partisan issue. What happened? There are many reasons why, but the media is largely to blame. In the interest of “equal time” it was common for an environmental newscast to have one expert representing the 95% of climate scientists who agree on urgent climate change action and then give the same amount of airtime to the “opposing” view”. The opposing view represented a tiny percentage of opinion, yet got the same amount of time. People started to believe there was a real choice in what to believe.

When discussing Climate Change, there is a no legitimate scientific evidence that is an equal alternative to the majority consensus. None. In 2008, there was no partisan debate about the effects of human activity on the planet and there shouldn’t be one now. The science hasn’t changed. The only debate left is what we are going to do about it. HR763-Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act of 2019 is a place to start.

Danielle Johnson, DVM

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