"If we love one another, if we care for each other, will our sons and our daughters heed the call!" Lyrics from Hymn "The Harvest is Plentiful" Borning Cry Songbook, by John Ylvisaker, Lutheran Hymn Writer.

I believe that much of what we do as people who practice a faith tradition, that the many ways that we express our faith is simply a reflection of those that influenced us in our formative years. Hopefully, the influences have been positive, but that is not always the case.

There have been some really unhealthy witnesses in our culture, as news stories have been very quick to point out (and rightfully so).

But I also know that the faith traditions that many express in their daily lives have been of people doing what their mentors did when they were younger, of each person trying to make a better place for themselves and those they love.

The better place we try to facilitate is often a place where people can simply get along, and as a bonus... prosper. But rather than have to reinvent the wheel, it might be a good use of one’s time to build on the framework of what we have come to know through personal experience.

One of the greatest challenges I see in our society today is the lack of relationship with our neighbors and the availability of time to connect with our community. Many residents have been transplanted here and many more are too busy to even try to find an inroad into the community structure.

Take a moment and recall those that came before us and provided the infrastructure to our communities – roads, water, power, emergency services, medical resources, education, and so much more. They didn’t do it alone, they did it together. The people had to stand shoulder to shoulder to construct what we take for granted.

Our community can provide all the resources necessary for us to not only get along, but to prosper. Are we willing to know each other and to possibly help each other build a healthy community? My hope is that we are, and that we will, because that’s the way our fore-bearers provided us with the infrastructure we all use in our community what we have today.

May our children be influenced by our example… A people who dare to share what they have to offer and the potential for their work to be multiplied in the mutual services provided.


John Hanson, Pastor, Peace Lutheran Church, Baldwin, WI

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