A majority of my time has been spent working from home like the rest of you and it has made me fall in love with a classic TV show once again.

“The Office” ran from 2005-2013 on NBC and all episodes air on Netflix (for not too much longer, I’ve been told).

I was a semi-regular watcher when episodes first aired and loved the humor and slapstick that came from episodes. When Steve Carell left towards the end of season 7, I remember watching the first few episodes of season 8 and being turned off and only returning for the final season as it was promised to be a return to the seasons of the past.

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve rewatched nearly every episodes of the first seven seasons and maybe it’s based off our current climate (and I haven’t watched the show since then), but they are almost enjoyable and entertaining than when they first aired.

Here now are some of my ‘Best and Worsts’ of The Office

Best Open: The show loved to have fun with its opens (the two minutes or more of action before credits ran). In the season 5 episode, “Stress Relief”, was an extended one because it was the episode that ran before the Super Bowl. The beginning consists of Dwight staging a fire in the office to test the office’s fire safety skills which goes from bad to worse leading to Stanley suffering a heart attack.

Runner-Up: When Kevin brings in a large pot of his chili. The elevator is broken, so he has to carry it up the stairs. The narration describes the time and effort he did in preparing it only for it to spill all over the floor and him trying to scoop back up into the pot with paper. A perfect combination of feeling sorry and laughing at him.

Best Character: This is a loaded question which could go in many different ways. For delivery of lines, it’s Kevin. For the I don’t give a care about the world (which we all have felt throughout the day of work), it’s Stanley, Jim, for his facial delivery after something would go south.

Most enjoyable episode: The episodes in which Jim marries Pam in Niagara Falls. It was a two-parter in which the entire office came along. It gave us the Office version of the famous You Tube wedding dance and maybe one of the best lines in Office history: “The boat was Plan C, the church was Plan B, Plan A was marrying her a long, long time ago. Pretty much the day I married her.”

Worst Episode: This was an easy one. Michael promising a group of students back in the third grade he would pay for their college tuition. The students were now graduating from high school and they were looking for payment. Of course, Michael didn’t have payment and he tried to use every excuse to get out of it. Some people liked it, I wasn’t one of them.

Least enjoyable character: Andy Bernard. He always felt like a third wheel and he seemed to be his most enjoyable when he was in Stamford when Jim transferred up there at the beginning of season three. The romantic storyline with Angela felt forced because it was obvious her heart was with Dwight and trying to hook her up with Erin felt like Jim-Pam 2.

A word or two about Michael Scott: Was his heart in the right place more often than not? Yes. Did that hurt him? Yes. Is that what made him such a fun and entertaining character to watch? 100 percent yes.

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