The following is what I hope to see happens in 2020 on a local and national level. I’ll say it right now, I’m hoping for at least one.

--  Approval of the referendum for a pool and stadium additions at Baldwin-Woodville High School

The public wants the pool back, the football field needs a facelift, an expanded track will allow the school to host meets and a softball/baseball turf will allow the District to host early season games instead of traveling to Medford or where else in between saving on costs. In addition, District officials have said the cost will have little to minimal impact on the taxpayer. This seems like a slam dunk, but you can’t guarantee any certainties in life.

-- The Kansas City Chiefs hoisting the Lombardi Trophy at the end of Super Bowl LIV

Wait a second, aren’t you a Minnesota Viking fan, someone would say? Well, yes, I am, but I don’t see it happening. I see Kirk Cousins throwing a pass into a spot he shouldn’t, which turns into a game-changing play and the Vikings lose. The Chiefs, meanwhile, have a better defense than what they had last year and therefore don’t have to ride the arm of Patrick Mahomes, who is still one of the better quarterbacks in the National Football League not named Lamar Jackson.

-- A full house at the Jan. 8 Village of Baldwin board meeting.

The Board will hold its nominating caucus that night for candidates to appear on the April ballot. There will be at least one new trustee, maybe more, depending on, if anyone shows up. Here’s a great opportunity for the public to show up and voice their say on how the future of Baldwin should be for generations to come.

-- The Milwaukee Bucks winning the NBA Finals.

As of Dec. 31, they have the league’s best record and one of the most exciting and better players in the NBA (Giannis Antetokounmpo). Milwaukee is a small city in terms of NBA landscape and who doesn’t enjoy when small towns win. They were at the doorstep last year, losing in the conference finals, this year, they’ll the break the door down.

-- A successful Windmill Days

After the June Bug Days organizers said we are done after the 2019 edition, there was much debate whether a community celebration will be held for 2020. Luckily, another group of community members stepped up and are willing to give it a chance. They’ve admitted the first year is going to be barebones, but they hope it’s the first step. One gets the feeling if there’s isn’t a community celebration, there’s more grumbling if there is one.

-- People caring about the Olympics

Has there been a sporting event over the years which has fallen faster in terms of prestige and significance than the Olympics? Between the cheating and doping scandals and cities passing on hosting due to the financial costs, growing up the Olympics were a summer and winter highlight you dare not miss. Now, it’s, oh, the Olympics are on, I’ll catch the highlights later. Anyway, this year’s Summer Olympics are in Tokyo, Japan this year. If you do watch, remember the name Simone Biles and Katie Ledecky.

-- Presidential election commercials appearing on the air

I think there’s a few things everyone can agree on -- the oversaturation of the Dallas Cowboys, the New York Yankees and the deluge of election commercials which will be on the radio, TV, internet and newspaper over the next few months until Nov. 3. Please don’t do it. Every four years, it’s been said, it can’t get any worse and the next Presidential election it is. School yard debates among third graders might be more civil than what we are going to see the next few months. It’s just sad.

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