Zor Roadrunners launch a new season

Members of the Zor Roadrunners are shown after their spring planning meeting. Left to right is Captain Randy Pfab, Ty Byhr, Lance Van Dam, Club president Ed Swenson and club secretary Larry Wiegent.

The active Zor Roadrunners are looking for a strong parade season regardless of concerns over the pandemic. The famous parade unit’s first meeting of the season was held on Monday, April 19th at the New Richmond American Legion. 

In keeping with the rules, Mike Kastens signed the members in attendance and checked their insurance so they were cleared to drive this year. Treasurer Jack Thomas collected the dues necessary for the drivers to participate.

The meeting was chaired by Roadrunners Captain Randy Pfab, who urged all members to participate this coming year. Many towns are holding off a commitment to hold parades due to concerns over the pandemic, but two towns have already made a decision to hold theirs. Baldwin is  set for June 12 while Woodville is scheduled for May 15th.

There is more involved with this famous parade unit than just hopping on a cart and driving. The unit’s routines are choreographed for hours before they are parade ready. This, plus many hours of planning and practice makes their performances smooth and polished. Their first practice is scheduled for Monday April 26 at 6 pm at the New Richmond American Legion. Those who have not signed up to drive are asked to do so that evening before practice. They also need to show proof of insurance so they are covered by Zor insurance.

At the conclusion of the meeting current Zor Potentate Mark Jerdee led other members of the Divan in the “Cold Sands” ceremony to welcome Austin Mahanke of River Falls as the newest Noble of the Mystic Shrine. He was assisted by Zor Divan Marshal Al Coenen of Tomah and High Priest and Profit Roger Keller of New Richmond. 

Past Potentate Barry Ausen gave a report on this year’s Vidalia onions. He said, “If all goes as planned the onions should be here by late in the afternoon of April 30th.” Nobles of the St. Croix Valley Shrine Club is in the process of pre-sales of the sweet onions. If you have not signed up for your onions, do so right away. 

The process of deciding the new location of the Zor Shrine Temple is now underway. It was decided that the Wisconsin Masonic Temple will not be considered and that another location more centrally located in the state is being considered. A survey of membership with key questions for the nobility have been sent out. The response of which will be used to aid in the final decision. 

The UW - River Falls Homecoming is set for October 2nd. The Shrine Club plans for their usual high visibility celebration and parade. Watch the papers for details.

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