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90 Years Ago

Feb. 13, 1931

Ice Out

LaCrosse, WI.- Ice in the main channel of the Mississippi river moved out at 10:40 pm Tuesday, setting an all-time record for an early breakup.  Last years’s movement of ice on Feb. 23 beat by one day the earliest previous break-up in 1878.

How to Wisely

Select a Car to Buy

Of first importance is to limit the field of selection by deciding approximately how much one can stand as to automobile investment.  In the matter of actual transportation service, the lowest priced automobile will get one there and bring one back.

Many are willing to pay for additional margins of comfort, riding qualities, and fineness of appointments.  Therefore, one’s own pocketbook, social requirements, pride, and particular kind of automobile requirements are the best bases for picking the new car.

There is another important matter- convenience and cost of service.  How ever wonderful the progress in perfecting automobiles, not one has yet been built that will not need service.  It is wise to buy the car where you will have most of your service done.  That suggests the near dealer, the friendly, responsible one, the reliable and well-equipped garage.

70 Years Ago

Feb. 15, 1951

Ice Capades

A specially selected block of 86 reserved seats for the big local community trip to Ice Capades 1951, St. Paul Auditorium.  Saturday evening, March 10 has been received for sale according to president Paul Weiss of the Baldwin Boosters, sponsor of the event.

Tickets for purchase by those who plan to go, it has been announced, are being put on sale at the following places: W.L. Mattison Ins. Agency, Martinson’s, Chuck Bennington’s and Son Lokken’s Barber Shop.

40 Years Ago

Feb. 12, 1981

Truck Fire

Last Tuesday afternoon firemen were called to milepost 22 on I-94 where a semi truck was reportedly on fire.  When they arrived at the scene the fire in the west bound truck had been extinguished but the driver suffered some discomfort.  The truck was carrying produce, and a heater in the rear of the truck had set fire to the inside of the doors.  When the driver attempted to open the doors they blew out at him, knocking him unconscious for a time and causing lacerations to his face.  He was treated in Baldwin before continuing further.

10 Years Ago

Feb. 15, 2011

SnoBall Royalty

New Royalty was crowned at the B-W SnoBall dance Friday evening.  The King is Mark Reinsberg and Queen is Kristen Bauer.

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