80 Years Ago

June 21, 1940

Air Conditioning

Josephine Harrison of the Baldwin Beauty Shop has just installed the very latest air conditioning system on the market, manufactured by General Electric Company. The new improvement assures her customers of comfort- regardless, what the thermometer may say.

65 Years Ago

June 23, 1955

Pool Opening

Baldwin’s fine new swimming pool will be opened to the public on Thursday, June 23rd. All of the problems of building a pool have been solved. The final coat of tar sealer was put on by the village crew, Jack King and a large force of volunteers. The pool was then painted white with a seal paint that prevents the tar from bleeding through on to the bathers feet.

60 Years Ago

June 23, 1960

Local Farmer Seriously Injured

Carl A. Peterson, well known Baldwin farmer, who resided southeast of Baldwin, narrowly escaped death last Thursday evening when he was attacked by a heifer in the barnyard. His 11-year-old grandson, David, took a pitchfork and distracted the animal until other help arrived.

Mr. Peterson suffered several broken ribs and a punctured lung when trampled on by the animal. He is now a patient at the Veterans Hospital at Fort Snelling in a most serious condition. News received Wednesday morning is that he is recovering slowly.

50 Years Ago

June 25, 1970

Strange Three-Car Crash

An unusual three-car crash in the Village of Baldwin last Friday caused considerable damage. The accident occurred near the Schaffner Service Station at the north edge of town. The mishap was ignited when Dale Erickson and Harvey Stephens of rural Hammond collided on the highway.

The Stephens car was thrown out of control and skidded across the highway and the boulevard to strike the car belonging to Pat Ross which was parked at the gas pumps at Schaffner’s. No personal injury was received, but a damage to the vehicles did occur.

10 Years Ago

June 22, 2010

Storm dropped five inches of Rain

An afternoon storm that hovered over Baldwin for more than an hour on Tuesday, June 15 dropped various amounts of rain on the village that may have ranged up to five inches.

The heaviest rainfall reports came from the northeast side of the Village, causing huge rushing rivers of water on streets and over grass ways that overwhelmed in some cases the Village’s storm sewers.

The huge amount of water also created havoc with some basements, as both rainwater came into houses through window wells and failure of sump pumps to keep pace with seeping ground water.

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