50 Years Ago

May 7, 1970

Wisconsin Marriage Laws

A girl may marry at age 16 with consent of her parents or 18 without consent.

A boy may marry at the age of 18 with consent of parents or 21 without consent.

Persons closer in relationship than second cousins may not marry. An exception is made in the instance of first cousins when the woman is age 55 or older.

A party of divorce is prohibited from marrying within one year of the granting of a divorce.

A person under the duty to support a minor child not in his custody must obtain court approval to marry.

Marriage licenses are necessary, and application must be made to the county clerk at least 5 days before it can be issued. License is valid for only 30 days from issuance.

Both parties must provide certificates of examination for venereal disease and Wasserman test* certificates. Examinations are void 20 days from the date. *According to Wikipedia -The Wassermann test or Wassermann reaction (WR) is an antibody test for syphilis, named after the bacteriologist August Paul von Wassermann.

The parties must take an oath that the marriage will be lawful, and the information given in the application as to age, relationship and prior marriage is correct.

The marriage of a Wisconsin resident in another state is null and void if such a marriage would be prohibited in Wisconsin.

10 Years Ago

May 4, 2010

OEM Donates Custom Trailer to United Fire and Rescue

After two months of careful design, fabrication machining and assembly, the new trailer was completed. The new trailer is equipped with dual axles, allowing for heavier equipment to be hauled, spring loaded gate to assist in efforts to reduce the strain when lifting the rear gate; emergency lighting so it can be seen regardless the time of day; and finally an OEM Fabricators Inc. name plate, so all that see it will know that pride was taken in designing and manufacturing of the trailer, thanking all those who volunteered there time and efforts to have this completed by the scheduled date.

Long Lost Plaque Returned

Sun-Argus (Spring Valley) – Thanks to Josh Schlosser the long-lost brass plaque of Elmwood’s American Legion Post 207 has been returned to its rightful home. The plaque once hung proudly on the outside of Elmwood’s Auditorium, which is also headquarters of the American Legion.

Many years ago (no one is sure exactly when) the plaque was stolen from the building. Fearing it had been sold to some scrap yard, the Legion members gave up all hope of ever finding it.

Enter Josh Schlosser teenager of rural Spring Valley. The story goes that Josh was exploring his family’s woods one day when he climbed into an old cave and found the plaque lying on the ground. Unsure of what he had discovered, Josh asked his dad, Rusty, to take a look. Rusty brought it out into the daylight and discovered what it was.

Rusty knew of the missing plaque from Legion member Merlin Place. Josh and his brother Corey carried the not so shiny plaque into the April 13 Legion meeting. After the unveiled their surprise total silence fell in the room, then a gasp or two, and then a huge round of applause for the young spelunkers.

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