90 Years Ago

June 27, 1930

Bulletin Office in New Home

The Bulletin office is now located in its new home in the back part of the original building used for the office.

The job of moving machinery weight from four to six ton is no small snap, and the re-arranging all other machinery, equipment, paper stock, etc. was worse yet.

The main entrance to the Bulletin office is now on the side street and after a few days we hope to have things in working order again.

What’s Left Behind

A freak of the cyclone was discovered Sunday by searchers in mutilated woods 3 miles northeast of El Paso, where a brand new record enclosed in its envelope and in perfect condition and several new shirts, some still bearing their price tags, were found. The shirts and records were evidently from the stock of a store wrecked by the cyclone and had traveled many miles, possibly from Randolph, MN.

60 Years ago

June 30, 1960

Hospital Guild Rummage Sale

The Baldwin Hospital Guild wishes to than sincerely every person in the Village of Baldwin and surrounding area who helped in any way to make the rummage sale a tremendous success. Nearly $500 raised.

50 Years Ago

July 2, 1970

1970 Patio Party

Items on sale at Nelson’s Supervalue include: Ground Beef 59 cents per lb.; Kingsford Charcoal 69 cents for 10 lb. bag; Super Valu Alum. Foil 29 cents for 25 ft. roll; Texas Sweet Watermelons 99 cents ea.; Flavorite Hamb. Or Coney Buns 2 pkgs. For 59 cents, and Flavorite Potato Chips 39 cents for a twin pack box.

30 Years Ago

July 4, 1990

Variety Store Coming to Main Street

A new variety store will open in Baldwin, perhaps before the end of July, in the building formerly occupied by Baldwin Ben Franklin.

Donna Gould of Baldwin plans to open the variety store that will carry the same types of merchandise and offer many of the same services that were available at the recently closed Ben Franklin.

10 Years Ago

July 6, 2010

Plans for Main Street

According to an informational handout presented at the informational session, tentative plans call for resurfacing Main Street with asphalt, replacing streetlights, sidewalks, and the water main and laterals. In addition, instead of rainwater running off the street surface, a storm sewer would be built.

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