90 Years Ago

May 9, 1930

Baby is Whistling Wonder

Beloit, WI- A whistling baby here has attracted considerable attention.  The baby, Mary Betts, 6 months, whistles when she wants something instead of crying.  The mother and father are very proud.  Neighbors praise the infant’s talent and claim that she is the youngest whistler in Wisconsin.

2 Enter Taxi; 3 Leave

Ladysmith- Jess Doers, taxi driver here, drove to the Moser home near Conrath a few days ago to bring Miss Dorothy Moser to the hospital in this city for an appendicitis operation.  Mrs. Charles Moser, the girl’s mother, who accompanied her daughter on the trip, gave birth to another daughter on the way.  The astonished driver delivered three patients to the hospital instead of one.  All three are doing well.

80 Years Ago

May 10, 1940

Proper Tools

Once a butcher, always a butcher.  Charlie Kimball trimmed trees around his house, and he did the trimming with a meat saw.  He probably thought he wouldn’t know how to handle any other kind of saw.  However, he did a neat job of trimming and didn’t butcher the trees.

60 Years Ago

May 12, 1960

WI Dairy Herds Rapidly Growing Larger

Madison- The typical herd today consists of about 20 milking cows.  Since 1955 49,000 dairy herds have “disappeared”, as separate identities, as the trend for larger farm units and correspondingly larger operating herds has accelerated.

In 1945 about five per cent of all herds had less than eight cows.  Today the under eight category amounts to only 2.36 per cent of all herds.  In 1945 herds of over 50 cows amounted to only 1.27 of all herds.  Today they represent 3.63 percent.

50 Years Ago

May 14, 1970

Items on Sale at Eggen’s

6 oz. Libby’s Frozen Lemonade 10 cents.   14 ½ oz. pkg Sunshine Hydrox Cookies 39 cents. Duncan Hines Cake Mixes 4/$1.00 (with coupon).  Grade A Large Eggs 3 dozen, $1.00.  50 lbs. Occident Flour $3.59 (with coupon).  10 lb. 11 oz. Tide $2.09 (with coupon).

10 Years Ago

May 11, 2010

3,000 Pounds of Food

Baldwin Post Office carriers on Saturday collected an estimated 3,000 pounds of food that will be donated to the Baldwin Food Pantry.  The local drive was part of a nation-wide effort to collect food for food shelves by the United States Post Office.

Carol Roland to Retire

Carol Roland has been teaching pre-school at the Baldwin Community Nursery School for the past 23 years.  At the end of this year she will be retiring.

“You just never know what the kids are going to come up with,” Carol said reflecting on her 23 years at Baldwin Community Nursery School.  “I’ve enjoyed my years with the kids.  That’s what I’m going to miss the most- the kids.”

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