Katie Bulera, Yesterday's News

90 Years Ago

Feb. 20, 1931

Polk County Battles Bank Robberies

Luck, WI., - An appropriation of $500 voted last week by the Polk County Bankers’ association, with $300 recently appropriated by the county board, will be used to equip vigilantes’ organization to combat bank robberies.  Tear gas bombs, sub-machine guns and automatic rifles will be purchased and issued to a group of special deputies.


80 Years Ago

Feb. 21, 1941

Best Year in History

The thirty-sixth annual meeting of the Baldwin Cooperative Creamery association was perfectly satisfied with the splendid record the creamery made during the year of 1940.  Why shouldn’t everyone be satisfied- the creamery manufactured 2,244,055 lbs. of butter in 1940, paying patrons and increase of $166,008 over that of 1939.

Pigs Upset Traffic

Monroe, WI. - There were 35 hogs in one spot on Highway 69 south of here after the truck Glen Kubly overturned on slippery pavement Wednesday night.

But they weren’t in one spot for more than a minute.  Motorists for whom the icy road alone was hard enough to master, found their troubles multiplied 35 times by the squealing pigs.  The highway was blocked for four hours.


60 Years Ago

Feb. 23, 1961

Top Scholastic Seniors

The two top ranking students of the 1961 graduating class of Baldwin High School are Delores Wynveen and Judy Steneman. Delores plans to be a nurse and is to attend Luther Hospital at Eau Claire.  Judy’s college plans are to take up nursing at St. Barnabas hospital in Minneapolis.


40 Years Ago

Feb. 19, 1981

Warm Weather

The balmy weather on Monday afternoon provided Laurence Vier and his daughter kay an opportunity to do some outdoor car washing.  Our warm spell is the second such streak of the winter which has provided motorists to get the salt off their vehicles.

There is no sense sitting in a stuffy building when you can have a pickup basketball game outside in your shirtsleeves.  The boys engaged in the late Monday afternoon game included Tim Hop, Barry Schaffner, Steve Eggen, Brad Bark and James Sander.


10 Years Ago

Feb. 22, 2011

New Administrator

The Baldwin Village Board has voted to hire Tracy Carlson of Baldwin as the village’s new administrator and Clerk Treasurer.  

Carlson said she has sold real estate for the past seven years.  “This is an exciting opportunity for me,” she said in an interview.  She started in her new position on Monday of this week.

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