Katie Bulera, Yesterday's News

90 Years Ago

Mar. 27, 1931

Talking Pictures Introduced

Talking pictures were introduced for the first time in Baldwin Tuesday of this week and all movie goers have been high in their praise for the splendid tone quality produced and also for the high type of picture shown. 

Thursday and Friday of this week “Ted” is presenting “Cimmarron” which is now playing in all the largest theaters in America.  Now you can hear it right here at home-this-week-don’t miss it!


Junior Prom

The Juniors will entertain the Seniors at a Junior-Senior Prom given in May.  For the past five years the respective Junior classes have put on a Junior-Senior banquet.  However, the Junior class of 1931 is going to change the program and stage a promenade.


70 Years Ago

Mar. 29, 1951

Washing Machine Care

Washing machines kept in a cold place, such as an outside porch, should be brought into a warm room several hours before using.  If this precaution is not taken, the oil or grease in the machine may be so stiff that the starting load will be heavy enough to blow a fuse in the circuit.  Also, porcelain enamel tube need to have the chill off before using.  If hot water is poured into a very cold tub, the enamel may crack.


60 Years Ago

Apr. 6, 1961

60 Million Pounds of Milk

On Monday of this week the officers of the Baldwin Cooperative Creamery signed a contract with the Franklin Creameries Inc. of Minneapolis to supply said creamery with sixty million pounds of milk a year.  The contract is to start on July 1st and will continue for five years.  The Baldwin Creamery is already supplying Franklin with butter, but after July 1st will also supply milk and cream for the manufacturing of ice cream.  The Franklin Creamery Inc. is one of the oldest and largest distributors of dairy products in Minneapolis.


50 Years Ago

Apr. 8, 1971

4-H Exchange Delegates

Thirteen St. Croix older 4-H youth have been named as delegates for the interstate exchange program to Montgomery County, Virginia, according to Glenn Bartelt, 4-H and Youth Agent.  Delegates will gain useful travel experience, live with Virginia 4-H families, plus learn abut 4-H and youth activities in the Christiansburg area.

Local delegates are Mary McNellis, Bob Zwald, Mary Heebink, Tom Pierson, Karn Afdahl, Joan Willink, Greg Matysik, Gary Albrightson and Roxanne Geurkink.


10 Years Ago

Mar. 29, 2011

Storm Causes Problems

A late season snow, ice and sleet storm that blew through the area on Wednesday of last week caused slippery roads that impeded traffic flow.  The moisture continued to add to the high level of Pine Lake north of Baldwin and the overflowing pond on the south side of 110th St.

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