80 Years Ago

Mar. 21, 1941

Blizzard Takes 75 Lives

Winter’s extremely sudden “come-back” over the weekend is held responsible for the loss of 75 lives or more in Minnesota, North Dak., Canada and Wis. Sat. night and Sunday’s blizzard with a wind velocity that hit over 70 miles per hour in many sections, was the near equal of the Armistice Day storm of last November.  

The blizzard brought little snow in this section, but the terrific winds whirled loose snow into huge drifts and visibility was cut to zero.  The temperature in this section dropped to 18 below.  A conservative estimate would be to place the number of cars and trucks stalled between Baldwin and Hudson at the 100 mark, many of them were left directly in the center of the busy highway.


70 Years Ago

Mar. 22, 1951

Love Finds A Way

A young couple from River Falls had arranged with Rev. Nordby to marry them Sunday at 6 pm.  When the storm grew worse every hour it was rather unexpected o have them come at the appointed time.  The groom drove his milk delivery truck, with its big wheels and chains.  As the truck has only a drivers seat, it was equipped for the occasion with three extra stools, lots of blankets and a brooder stove.  After the ceremony, back into their truck unconcerned as to snow, wind or weather and we hope, live happily ever after.


State Wool Receipts

Madison, WI- Cash receipts for wool sold by Wisconsin farmers last year were estimated at $884,000, according to the federal and state crop reporting service.

About 201,000 sheep were shorn in the state last year, the smallest number since records began in 1909.  Wool production was estimated at 1,608,000 pounds.  The average weight, eight pounds was slightly less than the average for 1949.


60 Years Ago

Mar. 30, 1961

Baldwin to Build

New Sewage Plant

The Village of Baldwin is advertising for bids for the construction of a new sewage disposal plant; the estimated cost has been set at about $377,000, of which the Federal Government will pay one third of the cost.

The new plant is to be constructed to the south of the airport, (west of Baldwin), land which the village purchased some time ago.


On Sale at Nelson’s

Items on sale at Nelson’s Super Valu include: Large size Angel Food Cakes 29 cents each; Qt. jar of Miracle Whip 49 cents; 3 lb. bag powdered or brown sugar 39 cents; 5 lb. tin Armour’s Canned Hams $3.79; Roast-Rite Turkeys 39 cents per lb.; Good value lean bacon 1lb. 49 cents; Ass’t. flavored Jell-O, 8 pkgs for 69 cents; and Sunshine Hi Ho Crackers 1 lb. box 35 cents.

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