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90 Years Ago

Mar. 13, 1931

“Blue Laws”

Sheboygan, WI.- Wisconsin’s “blue laws” have been invoked for the first time in Sheboygan- because a barber shaved a man on Sunday.

Nick Anton, a non-union barber, pled guilty Friday to opening his shop “on the first day of the week.”  Municipal Judge E.H. Puhr fined him cost of the action- $4.24.

The complaint against Anton was signed by Oscar Thiele, secretary of the Sheboygan Barber’s Union.

Not worth the Risk

Cases have been found in which automobile owners have sought to defraud the state out of the registration fee by simply painting the old plates with new colors.  No doubt, some have gotten by with this, if the colors match fairly well and the doctored plates kept somewhat obscured with dirt (which is a separate offense) but the penalty is so severe that the stunt is by no means popular, and certainly unwise.


70 Years Ago

Mar. 15, 1951

No Rusty Shovels

At the present time we have as much snow as we have had all winter and for the past few days strong winds have continued to give the territory blizzard conditions.  Roads have been drifted full as fast as they could be cleaned out for the past 72 hours and both man and machine are becoming exhausted.


60 Years Ago

Mar. 23, 1961

Tractor Snapped in Two

Wallace Voskuil was riding on his Ferguson tractor when he was struck from behind by the car driven by Earl Moulton.  The accident occurred last Sat. morning about 9:30 am on Highway 12 when Mr. Voskuil was heading west.

The tractor was broken into two pieces by the impact.  Voskuil was thrown over the front of the tractor but not hospitalized.  Considerable damage was done to the Moulton car, but neither Mr. or Mrs. Moulton was hospitalized.


40 Years Ago

Mar. 12, 1981

Pacer of the Year

Sonny Kirk, owned by the Howard Walkers of rural Baldwin, has been named “1980 Pacer of the year” by the Minnesota Harness Racers Association (MHRA).

The pacer of the year award is based on points accumulated from races held on the MHRA circuit.  The races are held during county fairs in MN., WI., MI., and the Dakotas. 

During the 1980 racing season, Sonny Kirk gained 7 firsts, 4 seconds, 2 thirds and 1 fourth to top the list of 110 pacers listed by the MHRA.

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