Katie Bulera, Yesterday's News

90 Years Ago

Apr. 3, 1931

Marriage Increase 

During 1930 in St. Croix County 154 marriages were performed and in 1929, 137 were performed.  There were 11 divorces in 1929 and only 7 divorces in 1930.


80 Years Ago

Apr. 4, 1941

Free Bridge Likely in Hudson

Construction of a state-owned free bridge across the St. Croix river at or near Hudson appeared probable Friday in developments at Washington and in negotiations between Wisconsin and Minnesota officials.

In Washington, Representative Richard Gale announced he was drafting a proposal for congressional authorization to permit Wisconsin and Minnesota to construct the bridge.  Gale was quoted by AP as saying the existing toll bridge was not suitable for heavy traffic because it was narrow and had a change of grade in crossing.  


40 Years Ago

April 15, 1971

Sheriff’s Report

April 10- Henry Weeks, a dance inspector, reported the theft of his uniform jacket from the cloakroom while inspecting a wedding dance at the Rod and Gun club at Hudson.

St. Croix Central Lunch Menu

Mon.- Barbecues, buttered whole kernel corn, grapefruit sauce. Tues.- Stew over mashed potatoes, lettuce salad, prunes. Wed.- Baked beans, pumpkin bread, cabbage salad, fresh apple.  Thurs.- Fried liver, meat slices, buttered green beans, peach sauce.  Fri.- Tuna casserole, buttered peas, carrot sticks, apple crisp.


30 Years Ago

Apr. 2, 1981

Lightning Strikes

The lightning storm last Wednesday hit several farms north of Baldwin causing considerable damage at each place.

The strike at the Holle farm is believed to have occurred away from the buildings.  The electricity blew a hole in the house kitchen drain, knocked electrical controls off the wall in the basement and burned out the elements in the water heater.  In the barn the controls for the milking system and the milk cooler were burned out.

At the Voskuil farm it is believed the strike hit a tree and followed the sewer line into the house where it broke two windows, blew out the sink fittings and several electrical appliances. 

It is reported that there was also considerable electrical damage done at the Carroll Klanderman farm.


20 Years Ago

Apr. 3, 1991

Major Loss For Cady Cheese

A fire that started Saturday evening, March. 30 at Cady Cheese has resulted in what Spring Valley Fire Chief Terry Shafer described as a major loss.

Shafer noted, “we had a good save considering the amount of the fire and the severity when we arrived.”  Approximately 70 firefighters from local communities and 10 to 15 emergency medical personnel were involved in fighting the fire.

Damaged or lost in the fire were: the warehouse and cold storage area, offices, and the entire cheese manufacturing area.


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