Katie Bulera, Yesterday's News

80 Years Ago

Apr. 11, 1941

Baldwin Eggs

We never knew until this week what a reputation Baldwin eggs have on the market in the city of Chicago.  Baldwin eggs are not sold as No. 1’s, extra fancy, first quality or any trade name- they go simply as “Baldwin eggs” and that is enough to place them as premium eggs at all times.


60 Years Ago

Apr. 20, 1961

National Defense Fellowship

Robert Wynveen, son of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Wynveen of Baldwin, a physics and chemistry major at River Falls College will attend the University of Arizona under the National Defense Graduate Fellowship program.  The program provides $2,000 for the first year, $2,200 for the second year and $2,400 for the third year- plus tuition.


Trip to Chicago

The BHS seniors accompanied by Miss Wallen and Mr. King are in Chicago today seeing the sights on a guided tour put on by the Milwaukee railroad.

The Baldwinites boarded the train at midnight at Red Wing and arrived in Chicago at 8 am.  After a full day in the “windy city” they will return to Red Wing early Thursday morning- a mighty tired group.


50 Years Ago

Apr. 22, 1971

Daylights Savings Times

Daylight Saving Time in Wisconsin starts this Sunday, April 25th at 2:00 am when the clocks in the state will be turned one hour ahead.  The “fast time” as it is known will end Sunday, October 31st.


Baldwin Telephone Company

The annual meeting of the Baldwin Telephone Company was held on Saturday.  The company, like the communities that is serves (Baldwin and Woodville) showed a healthy expansion during 1970 and now has 2,250 phones in use and increase of 92 for the year.


40 Years Ago

Apr.9 1981

Storm Shelter

The Woodville Leader: The new Storm Shelter, recently constructed in the Woodville Municipal Mobile Court (on the North Side) is designed to house about 125 persons- it has doors to accommodate handicapped- there are men’s and women’s bathrooms, plus water and emergency lighting in the event of a power failure. 


30 Years Ago

Apr. 10, 1991

Washed Away

Hudson Star-Observer: A motorist who said he had gone to Lakefront Park to wash his car told police Saturday that the vehicle sank into the St. Croix River.  But because a passerby had seen the man in the car before it sank, the city Fire Department and St. Croix Emergency Medical Services conducted a frantic search for the car.

Shortly after the vehicle was found in the water- and after police determined no one was inside- its owner was discovered walking in an alley near the corner of Vine and First Streets.  Greg Hradnansdy, said he had backed the car up to the waters edge to wash it, but that the waves on the St. Croix had lifted it off of the landing and floated away.  Hradnansky said he got out of the car as it was sinking.  He then walked home to change clothes.

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