Windmill Days street closures

The year 2021 marks the 150th anniversary of the establishment of Baldwin by D.R. Bailey. What a wonderful time for the village and surrounding friends to participate in creating history and Baldwin Windmill Day memories.

Windmill Days will be the 2nd weekend following Memorial Day each year. This inaugural year the events run Wednesday, June 9 through Sunday, June 13, 2021. The Baldwin Windmill Days board and committees have worked since the late summer 2019 to plan and execute a successful community festival we could all be proud of. The goal has been to create events that spotlight the things in our world that unite us; with an emphasis on the beautiful heritage that built our amazing Baldwin community.

The non-profit Windmill Days board wants to provide notice regarding impending closure of Main Street beginning on Friday, 11th at 11AM to assist in preparing for Windmill Days events later Friday and into Saturday, June 12th. 

• The 11AM closure will occur east of 7th Avenue on Friday thereby preventing traffic flow past 7th on Main St. The closure is to provide adequate time and resources to allow:

oThe staging of the Mason’s Car Show to begin taking place and;

oFamily activities to be set-up on 6th Ave and on into the far west side of Creamery Park for Friday evening

• The second closure of Main Street will occur at 4PM on Friday, June 11th. At this time Main Street will be closed entirely to prevent traffic flow east of 9th Avenue. This closure will remain in effect until Saturday, June 12th @ 12 midnight. The closure is to allow:

o Safe easy foot traffic downtown during Friday & Saturday night’s entertainment

o Provide our volunteers to offer the village one of the best Grand Parades ever Saturday @ 12 noon.

o Provide shuttle bus service from Main St @ 9th Ave to and from Creamery Park and;

o Allow other Main Street businesses to host activities Saturday afternoon into the evening

These decisions are being made in the interest of public safety and operations downtown during the village celebration. The Baldwin Village Board of Trustees carried on these decisions and matters earlier in March 2021.

We are on the precipice of a wonderful yearly celebration in the Baldwin-Woodville community. A celebration to bring people, fun and commerce to our growing downtown. We hope you and your business will benefit from Baldwin Windmill Days 2021. See you at Creamery Park.


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